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This is the 5th loss of a type one teen that I am aware of in the last 4 months.

I’m trying to stop crying to type this… this poor family lost their dear son last night (read below). I don’t know the details (if the
parents checked him during the night, etc…) but I wanted to share
their e-mail so you can send them your supporting thoughts &

There is an address to send donations & cards that I will post if anyone is interested.
Hug your child today & for God's sake please check their BG overnight!

Rachel -
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Everyone - This is very very sad. Trent's mom asked that I please pass this
along to you. The Nicholson's could use everyone's support, whether it is a
phone call, an email, or a donation somewhere in honor and memory of their

Our CWD staff knows the Nicholson's well - they have been to many a
conference and are simply CWD family. This loss hits very close to home, and
we are all shaken.

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>I need to tell you some bad news.
> Trent was so excited to get to the conference this year to see all his
> friends, friends who understood his daily life as a diabetic. He
> especially wanted to see Jackie from Indiana, who he met last year.
> Thursday morning when I went to his room to wake him for school, he had
> passed away in the night. Knowing he was gone I, as a ER nurse knew the
> outcome, but had to try for my other children....
> Obviously we have to wait for an autopsy but I'm sure his blood sugar
> dropped too low.
> It is difficult to write this and our family is an emotional wreck. His
> twin sister Tara is torn up and his older brother just falls apart every
> few minutes.
> Our life will never be the same.
> My older son vows to find a cure and wants to know where to send any
> money that he fundraises. Maybe you can help him with that and let us
> know which organization he should focus on.
> Dr Fran Kaufman is perplexed and also very distraught over this loss, as
> well as all the doctors at Childrens hospital LA.
> Please pass the message along for our family.
> There has been a memorial fund started for Trent. My friend Janell Wilson
> (805)674-2905 is handling all this stuff for us.
> Also our phone (805)471-6420. We need all the help we can get. Our life
> is crumbling.
> Bob and Jennifer Nicholson
> (Trent 14 dx 2/2000, Tara 14 (Trents twin), and our oldest Tyler 14)