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Today my little brother was diagnosed with type one diabetes as well. This makes all three of us kids having it. He is only 4 and it breaks my heart. But he is strong and will be fine. He was rushed to the hospital where we later got the diagnosis. Hopefully we’re out of here soon…</3.

That is how old I was when I was diagnosed! It will make things easier to cope with later because it will become everyday life to him. I don’t remember life before diabetes so I don’t think about. kHow good I had it"! He will be fine!

Kelsey,He has caring, wonderful family and siblings to help him out. You are all in my prayers.
You said he is strong and will be fine.. Stay just as Positive as you are.

God Bless,

He is lucky to have a family full of folks with non-functioning pancrei. You will all be a great role model for him!

Ik how he feels. I was diagnosed at the age of 4 too. Best of luck