Pre-Workout Supplements?

I was curious if anyone uses pre-workout supplements? (NO-XPLODE, Black Powder, etc). Im am a recently diagnosed type 2. I know some of these contain sugars, but they also have NO2, lots of caffine and other “insulin sensitizers.”

They really tend to help me, especially when im low on energy, but don’t want to make my situation worse. I cut them out for now.

I don’t know if I’m weird or what or maybe it’s just because I get up so damn early, but I don’t take anything before I hit the gym. I take all my supps right after I get home and have my protein drink. I feel like if I have anything before hand I get an upset stomach. It’s funny though because years ago before I was diabetic, I HAD to have something to eat after I got up or else I felt really “yuck”. But now, it’s the opposite. I feel better when I eat after my workout. Everyone is different as they say.

I have had that happen, usually im ok if i eat about 2hrs before. I think what i really miss is the caffeine rush. Maybe i could look at something a little more “tame” like green tea (traditional or pills). I do follow up with a whey/casin protein blend right after.

To be honest, I have shifted more into a “weight loss” / cutting mode since i was diagnosed a few weeks back. low weight high reps with a ton of cardio lol. My glucose drops 50-80 points during my workout, im pretty careful to keep some glucose tabs in my locker, did get hypo and passed out once there…pretty embarrassing.

Yeah a couple months back before I started to train for a 10K, I had taken No-Xplode. For me at least, the No-Xplode had no effect on my BG rising, but keep in mind that everytime I work out, my BG gets rapidly the more I push myself.

When running, I did take Hydroxycut Hardcore, which has a bunch of stimulants. Same time, no change in rising BG, but it did make my heart beat faster. If anything, I’d advise that only take a supplement WHEN you work out and never before mealtimes like the bottle says.

Right, yea I typically take it on the way to the gym actually. I really like the black powder, not nearly as sugary as no-xplode… I guess the key its, that its going to give you the boost you need to get through a tough workout, so if you get the boost but skip or lolligag on the workout and dont burn it all off, your going to get the twitchy side effects.

i take a power edge energy drink mix packet about 30 mins before my workouts, comes in a box of ten for 1.97 at walmart :slight_smile: the tangerine strawberry flavor is good the wild berry tastes like crap! no carbs at all in it and they work wonders!

cool thats for the heads up, i may have to go check it out, does it have to be one of those "super walmarts? id be interested in trying… the black powder runs be about 60/can and it is about 30/40 servings

i don’t think so as long as they have a grocery isle it’s in the crystal light drink mix area, by all the kool-aid and stuff in my wal-mart

Thanks, ill check it out!

I take an ECA stack (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin) around 6 to 7 am with another dose around noon, but never after 3 p.m. as it can keep you awake. If I don’t take a stack around noon, I’ll have a scoop or two of SuperPump. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to be effective and can last up to four hours. Both give me an additional boost for 30 minutes of cardio and an hour of weight lifting. SuperPump doesn’t have an impact on blood sugar, but the caffeine has elevated by sugar from time to time. There’s a lot of great reviews and info on .

Hey man,

I’m a type 1.5 getting my numbers under control too. I’m big into high intensity interval training and am with you, I need something to pep me up a bit and put back on some of the 35 lbs I lost when I was at my worst (about 6 months ago). I’ve done that and am using mostly a Vitamin World generic of NO-Xplode prework out, Muscle Milk for protein, and ZMA for recovery. Also, I have a nutritionist who has prescribed me a couple of great natural supplements to help get the numbers under control and, from what he tells me, start regenerating some of my beta cells. (Triple Vandia, and Pyrodoxamine). It works for me but be careful and make sure whatever you decide to do works for you too.

Good luck (nice Jeep by the way, I miss mine :frowning:


Thanks, yea the top is off, was really warm today, tis nice…

I dont have a nutritionist, I had a personal trainer for a while but not sure their advice is all that diabetic friendly. Just got hooked up with a new care center, endo, etc…ill bring up supplements and see what they say :slight_smile: