Hi all and sorry for the PM

Hi again guys.
First of all, sorry for the private message I sent to all of you. Haven't figured out the site yet ;)

I just wanted to find out whether you guys know about a super low carb protein shakes at reasonable prices?


Hi Jaktob,

I have found that Pure Protein powder works the best for me. There is alot of stuff out in the market with unnecessary extras and added sugar. Look on the back labels...i believe Pure Protein has 1g of sugar per 25g of protein. Just be careful what you get...usually the flashier and more expensive the supplement, the more added crap you don't need and can even be harmful to you.

On a side note, I have a blog where I talk about my experience with crossfit, paleo diet and outline how it affects my sugars pre and post workout. Check it out! I welcome any comments or thoughts on it. www.diabetesblast.com



Thanks for the response and sorry it took me so long to respond! I've been away from the computer.
I'll look into Pure Protein. Time to get something good. I am also looking into crossfit. It's just so expensive, man!

As to diet, I just got a few books about Primal diet. Kind of similar to paleo, right? Are you able to build any muscle mass on those diets?


Yep...Paleo and primal are basically the same thing. Protein and Fat rich are what helps build your muscles.


What do you use for carbs before workout?


I'll look at your site, thx

Since my diet is mostly protein and fat based, I try not to eat carbs before working out. The nice thing about the CF workouts is that they are at most 30 minutes in length (though high intensity no doubt) so your need to fuel your body with carbs prior to your workout is not that important.

Typically I will have 1-2 proteins an hour before my workout. If my sugar is below 120, I will also eat a piece of fruit.