Creatinine Levels?

Hey there everyone;

Ok, so Ive been busting my butt to get in tighter control.
Testing very frequently throughout the day...really watching the carb intake. Stopped drinking (thats also because Im going to be having a tubal reversal in March and figured better stop the wine now in the hopes I get pregnant)...;)

My last A1C was 6.9. I gave myself a high five on that one. :)

My doctor mentioned to me that my creatinine was "a bit high"..of course she didnt give me the exact number so Im not sure. I'll be getting the number later this week. However, I digress...

Again, Im going to try and get pregnant in the near future and since Ive gone through a pregnancy 12 years ago, Im fully aware of the stress that puts on your kidneys..So that, with the higher levels, Im concerned.

What, if anything can I do to bring down my creatinine levels? Ive heard about nettle tea, and alpha lipoic acid...does anyone have any suggestions?

I dont eat a lot of fatty protiens. (Ive heard that will bring up levels)

Thanks in advance.

Trinsmum, I hope all has gone well with the tubal reversal and attempts to conceive. I would be hesitant, in your shoes, to proceed with a pregnancy knowing that your creatinine numbers are not what they could be, since you are right that the strain on the kidneys is significant. I've had diabetes 30 years and have very recently had the same news about my microalbumin/creatnine ratio. It was scary!

It looks like the only things you can really do are: drink plenty of water, keep your blood sugar under strict control, avoid alcohol, avoid pain relievers (or any other drugs filtered through the kidneys), lower sodium intake and exercise (but not too strenuously). The hardest part for me is kicking the NSAID habit. I rely on ibuprofen far too much, I fear!

I know this is somewhat late but may I add one more don' your Potasium. Look up info of what foods contain Potasium and monitor what you eat in that group.