5 weeks Pregnant!


So I have an 18 month old daughter and have been T1 for 27 years, no complications.
Did a pregger test this morning though never ever dreamed I might be pregnant as my period is always late, I did one just for the sake of it as it was a bit later than usual....and low and behold.
Shocked. Totally.

In fact I'm so shocked I can't remember whats ahead :0) Anyone remind me when I should start expecting 'the lows'. I'm on a pump and cgms now so reckon it'll be a lot easier this time around. Hopefully!

My HBA1c is isn't great but I'm not going to focus on that, I'm just going to focus on getting back on track and fast.

Anyone know any good books as well I could get for pregnancy and diabetes?

Well holy moly. I did not see this coming this morning when I got up. In fact, even though I am only 33 I was late was later than usual cos I was getting early menopause or something paranoid like that!!!

My lows started pretty early in my pregnancy maybe by the 2nd month and lasted all the way up until about 36-37 weeks, even then I didn't get HORRIBLY high, but like you said, being on a pump and CGM Im sure will make a big difference in that regard. I wish all this technology was around 17 years ago, or I mean I know pumps were to some extent but not like it is today.

Hey Christy
Ya I'm really looking forward to an easier pregnancy this time with the pump and cgms. I had a lot of lows as well last time, 5-6 a day when it was bad. Lost all hypo awareness. Fingers crossed it shouldn't be so bad this time.