Preganancy struggles

Hi everyone. I am new on here. Like many of us, I googled pregnancy, nonviable, diabetes, thyroid, etc... and this little forum populated (a nice surprise for me). I was diagnosed 22 years ago with Type 1, diagnosed with Hashimotos 5 years ago and married 4.5 years. We have been trying to conceive for about 2 years after I received the 'green' light from my endo. My A1C is currently 6.5 (best ever in my life) and I am on the Animus Ping, using Apidra and consistently sport my Dexcom. I started seeing a reproductive endo (an infertility dr) at the beginning of December, 2012. To both the dr & my surprise I was pregnant come January (without any drugs!) However, it was considered a chemical pregnancy and I miscarried at 5 weeks, 4 days on my own at home (it was quite painful). In February, I had a normal menstrual cycle but monitored ovulation very closely. I took the Ovidrel trigger shot on March 2 (my ovulation cycle was day 21 of my cycle which is abnormally late) and two weeks after that learned my progesterone levels were significantly low and began taking prometrium twice a day (not fun). Two weeks after that, I had a positive pregnancy reading - both blood and on an at home test! I was overwhelmed with joy!!! I went in every other day to do the blood tests to make sure the HCG level doubled and the first test came back at 1500, then three days later it was 3000 (not high like the dr wanted). I was told the pregnancy was not going to be a viable one. I went back last week and the beta (HCG) cells are now around 8,000 and my little sac has measured 10 mm. I will be 7 weeks on Saturday and will have to wait for the miss carriage. The sono showed the sac with placenta lining but it was full of dark mass inside. I am devastated. It takes all of me to function right now. I am 35 years old and just going through the phase of "life." I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I get home from work every night and literally crawl into bed. The dr told me yesterday that it will probably be 10 weeks before it (the miss carriage) happens. How do I stay pregnant for 10 weeks knowing it's not alive but the sac continues to grow? it's (the sac)too small for a D&C and I am really trying to hold it together - all the while with only my husband knowing... any advice or comparisons? I know I am not alone, but wow, it sure feels like it.

I feel your pain. When we decided to try for a baby we had no problems and conceived straight away and we had our lovely dd1 who is 3 yrs. Trying to get pregnant again was so stressful. I had a chemical. A missed miscarriage didn’t develop past 5 wks but didn’t know til I went for my scan at 9.5 wks although I thought something was wrong as although my insulin requirement had gone up I no longer felt pregnant. I had to go back a week later and it still hadn’t grown in case my dates were wrong but I knew they weren’t. I had a d&c the same day thankfully. Our next pregnancy was ectopic. That was really hard as I was in effect aborting a healthy baby that would have developed fine if she hadn’t got stuck. I then conceived again and the result is bawling her head off next to me now. Dd2 who is 6 months old. I will be trying again for no 3 as soon as my periods return as we are exclusively breastfeeding. Both my girls are healthy and well. It seems like such a long time. The two week wait. The ovulating and trying to catch the egg. It’s all you focus on and google it constantly. I’m not looking forward to getting caught up in it all again but I’m 37 now and we want two more so I don’t have the luxury of time. I wish you all the best and just wanted you to know there is hope xx

I too had a very similar situation to yours. My husband and I had tried for 4 years to get pregnant on our own. I had surgery for very extensive endometriosis. We finally saw an infertility doc in Oct '11 and decided that was our best option (I was 41 at that point.) Turns out I was already pregnant when we were seeing the doc. We thought it was fate and thanked God for the blessing. Unfortunately the pregnancy was not viable. We had multiple ultrasounds where we had little growth and no heartbeat. The follow-up bloodtests showed growth though so we kept hoping they were wrong. At around 7 weeks my OB said it just wasn't going to happen. We did a final ultrasound to be sure. That's when we found out that I had been pregnant with not one but two babies-twins. That was why my test results kept coming back so high. We were devastated. I had the D&C at 9 weeks, 2 days before Xmas. As soon as we got the go ahead to try, we immediately started using Clomid which didn't work. Went back to the fertility doc who gave us the Ovidrel shots for two cycles (they called it timed intercourse.) Didn't help. We then did our first round of IVF. I produced 18 eggs but after genetic testing we found out that all had significant abnormalities-no chance of implantation. We switched docs and tried "naturel IVF." This was far fewer stimming meds. They monitor you till your follicles are the right size and then they take all of them. One is usually the largest/strongest (like in a "natural cycle" each month where you release just one egg.) My follicles stopped growing halfway through the cycle. The uteris was not producing enough estrogen and the follicles couldn't grow. The doctor had also run a test prior to the cycle to look for a specific gene mutation that could cause miscarriages and the embryo to not implant or not grow. (There is a separate thread I posted about this-it is the MTHFR gene.) I had to take 10,000 units of heparin daily for this. This gene mutation was also probably why I lost my twins. At this point our only hope for a child is with a donor egg. We are waiting on biopsy results to see if the uteris will be able to handle a pregnancy. I just turned 43 last week. If the results are not good then we either adopt or don't have children. The constant stream of bad news is unbearable but the hope that there is still a chance for a child is what keeps us going. I can't imagine how hard it is for you knowing that you will have that miscarriage. The only thing I can suggest is talking to your doctor about having the D&C. If he won't listen then try talking to your insurance company-they may give the go ahead for it and give you the name of a doctor that can do it. As far as knowing that there is something inside you that will never be...the only comfort I found was rubbing my abdomen each night when my husband was already asleep next to me. I would silently "talk" to my twins as I rubbed my stomach so that they would feel love even though I would never meet them. Sounds a little crazy, but it gave me some comfort. I hope that you find something-anything that will give you even the slightest bit of comfort. Good luck and God bless.

thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I will pray that good things come to us both! You are a VERY strong person. Virtual Hugs.

Thank you! Virtual hugs to you too!

Update: I had a D&C this past Tuesday, a little over 8 weeks along. The procedure wasn't that bad but I have spent the week recovering. Blood sugars stayed in a good range despite taking vicodin and stool softners. Thanks for the support.

Sorry for your loss. Hopefully you will be able to eventually move forward. Good things will come your way again!

How has your attempts gone? Did you turn to adoption?

Right now I’m going through my third miscarriage. I had my first at 5 weeks, then I had an ectopic, and now this one at 7 weeks ( the miscarriage startedat7 weeks but it’s not done yet at 8 weeks ugh) . I’m afraid to take the medication, but not sure I have much choice. We have not had a successful pregnancy and it hurts so bad. My diabetes is in great control so I’m worried its me or my husband. I’m 36 and he is 37. Is it just too late for us? We have been to the fertility doctor that told us IVF was our only option, then another doctor that said we didn’t need IVF, I was able to get pregnant on our own all 3 times. But now my husband wants to go see the third doctor. Any suggestions on what I should ask? I just don’t know if I can do any more miscarriages. It’s hard on me physically and emotionally. I feel like I’m all alone and I don’t know who I can talk to. All my friends and family are blissfully fertile and not diabetic. I have hurtles that most people don’t understand. I read somewhere that diabetes is like having a full time baby you have that you never get a break from either.

Did your reproductive endocrinologist do a panel of tests? You also may want to consult a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor - they may be able to tell you what’s happening. I’m so sorry you’re going through this!


I don’t think it’s too late. The good thing is you can get pregnant. I would look into Mthfr and that means you take a form of folate other than folic acid. Vitamin C, Vitamin E won’t hurt.

I had my first baby the year I turned 39. My second baby the year I turned 42 (after at least 3 miscarriages), and I am trying again now and may be pregnant (DPO5 - and blood sugars going crazy), after a very early loss the month before last. I am 45. Given my history, my chance of a viable pregnancy is low, but I am not giving up. All I need is 1 healthy egg and DH one healthy sperm.

I am working hard on my blood sugar control and will continue to do so. The last early miscarriage my sugars also went crazy straight after conception - reminding me what I may be in for if I do have a successful pregnancy.

Don’t give up!