Pregnancy and Diabetes

I was wondering if anyone had the same type od time line I have had at being DX. My daughter will be three in Jan. and she was 9lbs. 8oz. They had to break her collar bone to get her out, Im told this is typical in children born to Mom’s with gestational, but I was never haigh at any of the tests while pregnant with her. Now my son just turned one and I was gestational with him, they had me on pills and diet to control it (he was only 7lb 13 oz, induced a week shy of due date). THen when he was about 8 months old I had trouble with my vision, went in to eye Doc and they tested my sugar (in two months time my vision went from -1 to -250) I was at 525 then, which lead me to the dx of type one. I guess my question is, could it have been the pregnancy’s? I was dx as hypoglycemic when I was in my late teens, had alot of episodes of passing out, passed out after 1 hour into the glucose tolerence test then. If you have a similar story, ot any insight I would love to hear. BTW- no one in my family except a Great-Great Uncle had diabetes.

i had big babies and no gestational issues despite the fact that i got larger than a whale regardless of my diet/exercise program . i had problems with hypoglycemia as a teen… would pass out all the time! i was a singer and am tall. i was always on the last row of the risers. i can’t count how many times i’ve passed out off the back of the risers in the middle of a concert :slight_smile: my T1 didn’t kick in until my youngest was 4. my thyroid gave out at the same time. i think sometimes our pregnancies take more out of us than we realize. who knows why some people have bunk pancreas’ while others can eat 5,000 carbs in a day and have no effects. it is a mystery to me. i don’t have any relatives other than my dad’s cousin that have T1…

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I had no gestational diabetes, but when my son was eight months old, I suddenly developed T1, with no family history. My son was 8 lbs, 1 oz., and I had not issues at all. My diagnosis seemed to come out of nowhere, and I was in ketoacidosis. My thyroid hung on another 15 years before it decided to give out:)