Pregnancy and diabetes

Hello everyone(:

my name is shawna,im 18 and a type 1 diabetic. My fiancee and i have been trying desperately to have our own baby,and thus far it hasnt worked:( I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on this problem,for so long my sugars were running in the 300-500 range,it has only been the past 2 months that they have been on point and more recently low.does high bloodsugars make a woman infertile?:(

The Sweet Success program is a diabetes pregnancy program. You may want to look into it. I was just at my CDE (as we are TTC as well) and the programs recommendations are to get your A1C <5.5 I believe. I have a friend who had an A1C of 9.7% and miscarried. They say with an A1C of > 7% you are high risk for miscarriage. You better get yourself in better control before you think about a baby. Even if you do get pregnant, you would have a high chance of miscarriage or birth defects without adequate control. I would get an appointment with a CDE who specializes in pregnancy and once you are controlled start trying again.

I tried to conceive my second baby for over 2 years, come to find out my gestational diabetes from my first pregnancy had actually turned into type 2 diabetes so obviously yes my diabetes has cause huge infertility problems for me and my husband we still are not able to conceive and are looking into adoption at this point. I however do know that many diabetic woman do conceive and have healthy pregnancies and babies…I unfortunately am not one of those success stories but hopefully after getting your blood sugar under 6.0 for 6 months or more is what I have read is the healthiest for becoming pregnant you may be able to conceive.

I don’t know if that would make you infertile. However, my recommendation is to wait a bit longer. If you’ve only been ‘on point’ 2 months, your A1c is still going to really high. If your A1c is too high, you run a very high risk of miscarrying. My A1c was around 9 when I miscarried. If you are working to get pregnant, it really is best to involve your endocrinologist - let him or her know - there are all kinds of ‘guidelines’ and recommendations for control PRE pregnancy. After you conceive, you’re going to be asked to check your blood sugar like 15 times a day and keep your blood sugars somewhere around 85-90 all the time…if you think this may be difficult for you, start slow. Set a goal for keeping your sugars around 120 for several months prior to pregnancy, then when you can successfully do that, move on to a lower goal. That is what I am doing. I was told that would be my safest bet for avoiding another miscarriage.