So scared and ashamed

Okay…so here is my story in a nutshell…my most recent A1C was 11 (yes, 11) That is the highest that it has ever been and is mostly in part to laziness. My husband and I had been going to a fertility specialist a couple of years ago and were told that if we wanted to conceive we would most likely have to try an “alternative” method. Well…I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. Naturally and to our surprise. I feel…scared, ashamed, guilty and selfish among other things. We have our first appointments with our high risk ob and endocrinologist on this Wednesday. I have read posts from this group and you ladies are all so great. I have been on top of my game for the last two weeks…eating right…checking blood sugars about 10 times/day…finally using my sensor again…and all is well. My fear is that all of this “good” is too little too late. Any suggestions would be helpful. Have you or someone you know been through a similar “surprise” pregnancy with high A1C situation?

I was told I couldn’t get pregnant and turned out I was pregnant then. Didn’t find out until I was 7 months along. Whitney was born about a month after that. Now granted my a1c wasn’t as high as yours, but I have a happy healthy 2 year old. You can do it, just do everything the dr’s tell you to do.

My step mom was also told she couldnt have children and then was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but she couldn’t get her sugar under control at all and then got pregnant her a1c was over 8 the entire pregnancy and my baby brother is fine now. (well hes crazy as hell) but he is fine. All you can do is do the best you can from here on out. Try not to worry so much pregnancy is crazy and children end up just fine even during rough pregnancies. I would strongly suggest NOT looking up what could happen do to high blood sugars all it’s going to do is freak you out. It’d freak you out even if your a1c wasn’t high like I said just do the best you can the rest of your pregnancy. I’ll be praying for you and CONGRADULATIONS

Haha…thanks for the advice…I’ve already read all of the things that “could happen”. I’m a GOoGLE Queen. I’m doing well now and I am sure that my A1C will have reduced significantly by my next test. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Thanks Cody. I was just telling my husband today that it is amazing how easy it is to “do the right thing” when it is for the baby and not myself. Sad…but true. Hopefully this pregnancy will change my mentality and I can continue to do what’s right. :slight_smile:

My control was not fantastic when I first got pregnant. I have worried for the first 12 weeks and I’m heading into my 13th week and I’m still worried. Everytime I approach my 2 week ultrasound I worry that the baby is okay, so far everything has been great. Unfortunately I’m always googling pregnancy questions and every time I go online there are plenty of pregnancy horror stories-my advice is, don’t read any of these. I have also heard wonderful stories of babies being just fine-even with imperfect diabetes control. Like you, my control is good now, however there are still days and weeks when everything goes crazy because my hormones go crazy. I like to go on here and hear stories like Jamie’s, they’re reassuring to here for a worrier like me. I am trying to calm down and not google too much as well :slight_smile: Congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy :slight_smile:

Sharon- Thanks so much for your reply! I will keep you and your little one in my prayers! :slight_smile:

I have a friend thats a type 1 diabetic whose A1C at diagnosis and one time during pregnancy were in the 9’s and she had a perfect baby boy. You cannot worry about the past you can only try to lower your A1C now do not feel guilty you had no way of knowing you were pregnant. Keep doing the wonderful things you are doing, keep up the good work and your A1C will come down and you will have a perfectly healthy little baby.

Are you in the US? You are getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks?? Do you go to a high risk or reg OB?

yes I’m in Los Angeles. I had to have a high risk ob/gyn and I was told that I would have to have u/s every two weeks, it seems that this is just how they do.

Just before I got pregnant with my daughter a few years ago I sat in my Endo’s office and he told me that with an A1C of over 8 I would have difficulty getting pregnant. I wasn’t trying but 2 weeks later my hubby and I conceived!!! My daughter is perfect and healthy, so don’t stress out.

As everyone else has said, it’s what you do from here on out for the next 9 (ish) mos that matter. My pregnancy was a bit of a suprise and my a1c was over 7 when we found out. I’m 26 weeks now and my little boy is growing strong and healthy. It’s amazing how tight you can start to control things when it’s not just about you anymore! And getting the news that your little one is doing just fine and all that hard work is paying off will keep you motivated. At least it does for me.

Hopefully you have a supportive doctor who can help you put together a system that will work for you and will keep up with you through the entire process with all the changes that come with decreased and increased insulin resistance (and everything in-between!). I know having a supportive, non-judgemental endo has been a life-saver for me through this process.

Good Luck! And this is a great place to come for support, as I’m sure you’ve learned already. :slight_smile:

What a lovely blessing honestly I think just the amount of change you have
already wrote on here says a lot. Doctors can make mistakes just as you have
well found out so listen to your team as well as your body it can tell you a lot
that we all sometimes tend to ignore. CONGRATULATIONS.
Goodluck and best wishes