Pregnancy and Infusion Sets


Currently 26 weeks pregnant, about to enter the terrifying third trimester. Up until now I’ve been using the Mio infusion sets on my lower back and have had no issues. Changing sites generally 3-4 days. The past week I’ve found with the increase in my insulin needs my sites have been starting to leak after a day or a day and a half. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

Currently my lower back is the only area that works for me for absorption, which eliminates the use of the silhouette sites as the inserter for them is quite possibly the most terrifying thing I’ve ever tried. My stomach has reactions/bleeding when I had used it previously - while there are no signs of lipodistraphy, it is probably on strike after being used for 14 years. My legs have super poor absorption and sites fail within a few hours, and my arms tend to do the same.

Looking for some feedback on the Sure-T infusion set with stainless steel canula as well as those who bolused with a pen and just used infusion sets for smaller insulin amounts and basal. I’d love to hear all of your experiences! Trying to keep this A1C at 5.5 is proving to be hard when my site keeps kicking out!!

I don’t have any answers to your specific questions, but am responding because I can only imagine what kind of similar concerns I may have in a few weeks… I’m at 22 weeks and have been using the far edges of my stomach as well as my hips a bit. I hope you find a solution that works for you!

I contacted my Medtronic rep and she suggested try the dual wave bolus so I’m not taking mass amounts at one time. I’ve used it for 2 meals today that had over 10 unit bolus’ and it went very well! Fingers crossed this fixes it. I’m also going to start changing my site every other day just to ensure I’m on top of it. I only hit some insulin resistance at week 24 and had a week struggle to get to a sweet spot but this week seems to be leveled out again ??. Good luck!

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I used quicksets when pregnant and had all those same problems. Best insertion site after week 29 was upper arm. I followed a very strict nutrition plan and yet I gained a LOT (but really a lot) of weight. LOL. Yes, wave bolus works better :wink: are you using a CGM too?

I started on quicksets but frequently kinked cannula so then tried silhouette. Still had problems with cannulas. Very reluctantly went on to t sures and I love them! I thought not having an inserter would be awful but I find it much better, now the thought of an inserter kinda even scares me. Also I find the t sure are way less painful to insert and once they are in you really don’t feel it. I too used lower back when pregnant and still do sometimes. Best of luck with your pregnancy. :laughing:

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Lol, that’s sure t, not t sure! Also, just to mention that my pump rarely picked up on my kinked cannulas, but I would have crazy highs and when I’d take cannula out you could actually see where it would have bent inside.

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