How to wear insulin pump doing pregnancy?

Hi all I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and every time i go to change my infusion site i get a little scared, I've only tried my site on my stomach, If you wore an insulin pump doing pregnancy where and how did you wear it?

Hi Sharray. Congratulations. In my first pregnancy I wore my set on my thighs. They were awful. Kept falling off and having no Delivery. I am 6 wks pregnant now and now have the omnipod. I am still using it on stomach at the moment tho I’m not sure how long I will continue. Prob until they tell me to use another site

I used a Cozmo and an Omnipod during pregnancy at different times. Buttocks, lower back, and outer thighs were my preferences.

You can continue to use your stomach for quite some time without any problem - trust me, your baby is well-insulated from a 9mm cannula. But once your belly grows so large that it’s taut and stretched, you’ll find that your skin is irritated by the insertion and that you might deal with more slipping cannulas. I used my upper abdomen and lovehandles some in the first trimester because I knew I wouldn’t have that area available for long.

Hi Sharray,

Ever since i started pumping, which was three years ago, i only have ever used my lower back (just above my buttocks) and have never had a problem…I then keep the actual pump clipped in my bra, it works great, and i never changed a thing when i was pregnant!

Good luck to you.


Hi Sharray, congrats on your pregnancy and on entering the second trimester! :slight_smile: I am 6 weeks postpartum from my first pregnancy and I was wearing both a Minimed Paradigm and a CGM. They totally competed for “real estate”… I ended up putting the CGM pretty consistently on my backside (where there’s plenty of room to go around!) near the beltline, and the pump in the same “orbit” around my midsection as I’d worn it before, but I did creep further away from my belly as it got bigger. I agree with Melissa re: the insertion not bothering the babe, though I think I got myself a little freaked about the idea. I also chuckle now thinking that the insertion noises would “wake” the baby. :slight_smile: Who knows if it did or not, but she sleeps through anything now! So, instead of starting an inch or two away from my belly button, I generally ended up starting at my love handles and working back toward my back; plenty of squish to be used, though it got a little harder as I got more and more pregnant and my range of motion was decreased. HTH, and congrats again!

I’m almost 14 weeks and I’ve continued using my upper abdomen next to my belly button. That site for me works best with absorbtion and my thighs sometimes work but not always. I hate not using reliable sites during pregnancy so I’m going to try and stick to the upper abdomen the whole time unless I hear otherwise from the doctors! I did try my outer/upper backside earlier today and it started leaking out and me going high so I changed it back to my belly! Ugh!

I’m currently at 25 weeks and have been using my stomach, abdominal sides, and lower back/upper buttocks with the animas ping. My OB said most of her diabetic patients can use their abs thru 9 months, but in the 3 trimester you have to change your set every day. i’ve always had problems with absorption in certain areas of my thighs, and the OB said absorption in the thighs can get worse as your pregnancy progresses. i also have a CGM, and i keep the sensor exclusively in my arms.


Why can’t you continue to use your abdomen? I just delivered my second child, and admittedly have plenty of abdominal flab on top of my pregnancy (and pre-pregnancy) stomach, but I used my usual abdominal sites (lower abs, hips) throughout two pregnancies without a problem–and I used them for both a pump site and for a CGM sensor.

Good luck!

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Thanks everybody for your comments!! @ Lyrehca I will continue to use my stomach i was just a little scared at first that i might stick the baby (i know that sounds crazy) but you guys and my doctors have assured me that my baby is very well protected…THANKS!!!

where in your arm did you put your sensor? i currently wear my pump on my lower back and always have issues with the CGM on my stomach.