Pregnant and on the Pump

Hi Ladies!

I am 4 weeks 5 days, EDD 1/28/14. I already have daughter that will be five in Sept. When I was pregnant with her I was still on shots. I had excellant control but needed a lot of Insulin at the end of pregnancy. This time I am on the Medtroic Mini Med pump with CGM. Around three weeks pregnant my sugars got realy screwy but they have since calmed down and aren't really to bad, although I have spiked once in the 300s and a couple times in the 200s, last night I just could not get out of the 200s but I think it was really just the food I ate because during the day my sugar was great and at lunch it was 93 but I ate an Arbys beef and chedder and it slowly went up. Anyway my question is if you were on shots with your first pregnancy and then the pump for the next did you notice better control with the pump, did you need as much insulin on the pump as with shots? My Dr said my control would be even better on the pump then with shots because of the presise amounts of Insulin we are delivering. I also found out at my last appt. I have a very small protein leak and that my Kidney function is still excellant and at 100%. Did anyone ever start a pregnancy with a small protein leak? If so did it get worse and did it affect your kidneys? I leaked protein when I was pregnant with my daugher the whole time, but I have never been told I had protien outside of pregnancy. I was told it did not mean I was in trouble with my Kindneys but that it was a warning sign and could have been due to my sugars being high and that once normal it may go away. I switched to the pump because I was having a very hard time controlling my sugars and they were very high. They weren't to concerned about the protein so I was not put on meds and we were going to check it again in 6 months. Now I won't know if better sugar levels will have improved the leak or not since I am pregnant. I am just a little nervous about it. I better stop at that, because I have already written a book lol!

I did one pregnancy on shots and the last on the pump. Needed just as much insulin both pregnancies. When I had a high, it stayed higher for longer than I ever wanted it to. The only reason I had better control with the pump is because during my 2nd pregnancy, that is when I was diagnosed as a T1 when I went into DKA at 5 months. They told me what I needed to take and I was learning. With the next pregnancy, I was on a pump and CGM and managing my own doses and corrections. As for protein, it was here and there. I did too many 24 hour urine catches. But it was never high enough to cause too much concern.