What pump is best while being pregnant?

whats the best pump that has worked for ya’ll while being pregnant? :slight_smile: i have been on the cosmo in the past … but im whondering whitch one is the best while beign pregnant?

IMO it’s best to go with what you already know… the less you change things while pregnant the better I reckon, and all of the pumps work things out slightly differently, e.g insulin on board.

Good luck with the pregnancy (if you’re already/trying to get pregnant). I documented stages of my T1 pregnancy here if it helps: http://www.beingdiabetic.co.nz/2009-12-20/pregnancy-with-type-1-diabetes-the-summary/


They are all essentially the same.

I’ve used Minimed, Cozmo, and Omnipod (started the Omnipod a few days before I got pregnant, actually). They all have their pros and cons as far as pregnancy is concerned.

On the Omnipod, I felt I could find more non-abdominal places to wear it (as the belly stretched) and I enjoyed the freedom of the lack of the tube (especially while naked and uncoordinated - no more how the heck do I hold this Cozmo when I’m fat and clumsy), but as I got into the third trimester, the volume of insulin that the pod could hold became a real problem for me. Your insulin needs will shoot upward some time after week 20 (for me, it was like week 23/24) due to placental lactogen (growth hormones), and the Omnipod and Animas hold only 200 units per cartridge. Problem is, you can’t reuse or refill a pod, so what should have lasted me 80 hours was lasting 30 hours or less by week 33 (a week ago for me) and I felt like I was wasting or burning through my supplies.

So I pulled out my trusty little Cozmo, programmed in all my insanely high new basals, and have been chugging along happily with it for the last 7 days. The Cozmo and Minimed allow for 300 unit cartridges and (like Animas) can be refilled or changed out without removal of your infusion set - a blessing when you’re using 150 units a day or so!

I like Nic’s reply to stick with what you know. Personally, I’m comfortable using every pump I’ve worn. I switched back the Cozmo after over 8 months on the Omnipod with ease and plan to switch back to the Omnipod again once my insulin needs climb down out of the stratosphere after delivery. There’s not a pregnancy-perfect pump.

As a matter of fact, because of fluid retention and swelling during labor and delivery messing with your absorption, it’s highly likely that you’ll be placed on an insulin drip and asked to remove your pump. My endo knows I’m not happy about it, but she keeps assuring me that she’ll let me get as far in with the pump as possible before she makes that call.

thank you so much ladies … im def gonna talk to my doctor and see if i can stick with my cosmo its def been my fav. :slight_smile: adn i liek the idea of stickign with what u know !!!

I am currently using the Animas Ping and I like it, however before the Ping I had a Cozmo. The Cozmo was far better, I don’t know if you use the insulin on board screen on your cozmo but it is not as easy to see on the Ping. My Cozmo stopped working and it is upsetting to me that the company has stopped making them. I did try the Omnipod before going to the Ping and did not have a good experience with the pump or the company. I think it is the angled insertion of the Omnipod that did not work for me and as unpredictable as diabetes can be especially with pregnancy I did not feel comfortable going through a pregnancy with it. The Cozmo did get me through my first pregnancy 3 years ago, my A1C ranged from 4.8 to 5.4. I would stick with the Cozmo for now, it does have the largest insulin capacity and I think it was the best pump I have had.

First off…Congratulations. I think the two of year of going to have a beautiful baby. As far as the pump, I do like the pod but everyone here likes what they have. I wish you and the baby everything wonderful in life.

Personally, I would not change pumps while pregnant. The companies won’t allow you to anyway for fear of law suits. Stick with what you know. But if you are not yet pregnant, find the one with which works best for you with a large reservoir. I used Minimed ones while pregnant and they worked great for me. Although I wish I would have had the bigger reservoir with my 3rd pregnancy. I was changing the reservoir every other day.

Good luck