Scared of Pregnancy

Been type 1 for 18 years, I’m 24 years old…And Married my husband is talking about pregnancy! should i be scared of pregnancy i’ve heard so many bad things…How do you feel about type one diabetes and pregnancy…Is it hard??

i am 26 and i have been type 1 for 16 years. I am also 18 weeks pregnant. So far so good. Just try to get your a1c around 6 and keep it there and it shouldnt be that scary.

Sharray: I’ve been type 1 for 25 years and had 3 healthy pregnancies. All the risks that are present for normal people are present for people with diabetes, but the risks are higher. The better your A1C prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy the better for you and the baby. You and the baby will be monitored more closely by many specialists to ensure all is progressing well, you will have more tests and more ultrasounds then a normal person. It can feel overwhelming and scary, but I had 3 healthy babies. The better you take care of yourself the better for you and the baby.

My insulin requirements tripled by the end of all my pregnancies and this is normal and I believe it is due to both the weight gain and the change in hormones. Once the baby is delivered I resumed my regular insulin regime. Becuase this is a gradual change you need to monitor your blood sugars (I used a continous glucose monitor) and insulin levels closely, usually with the advise of an endocrinologist.

Pregnancy and diabetes is achievable. The only advise I can give is plan ahead, ensure your specialists know you want to have a baby, and get your A1Cs in order prior to getting pregnant. Also if you are not using a pump, I would recommend switching to one.

Best of luck .

Emily and Maria are exactly right. :slight_smile: Get your A1c as close to 6 as possible before your first trimester begins, increase your testing, and be ready for increased insulin in the final trimester.

I am 30 years old, type 1 for 20 years. I am 38 weeks pregnant and delivering my baby in TWO days! I’m so excited. This pregnancy has been completely easy, to be honest. I have had to go to the doctor about three times as often as a non-diabetic would, but my medical team has been awesome. And my non-diabetic friends are jealous that I have had 12 sonograms when they might just have 1 or 2. I expect to report to you guys next week on my healthy, beautiful baby girl. :slight_smile:

I used to have really really poor control. When I joined tudiabetes a little under two years ago, my A1c was high, I was depressed, and all my friends were pregnant and I was playing the waiting game until I could get control. My friends that I made here have helped me get to where I am today. Their support, understanding, and suggestions have been crucial.

Thanks for the reply Emily!!! congrats on your pregnancy!

Thanks for the reply…

Thanks for the reply…I know you’re super excited about seeing your baby in two days!!! congrats again!

MelissaBL you will have had your beautiful girl by now - congratulations!! Make sure you put pics up for us to see when the dust settles!

Sharray, you’ll be great. I have a 3 month old son and went through the same fears as you. This is the summary of my pregnancy with T1:


I (Type 1 18 yrs) am not pregnant yet, but want to be soon, have the same concerns, and have found some great advice here on TuD, from great mothers with great successes! I’m frustrated that certain (non-endo) doctors are always so quick to tell me, “oh, you had better have your diabetes p-e-r-f-e-c-t, OR ELSE, really bad birth defects.” They never give specifics, or statistics, and I find this frustrating. (Side note: they clearly have no idea that “perfect” is not achievable!) What specific defects are they implying? In reality, how likely am I to have these, if I’m under good control? It makes me wonder, do they REALLY know a lot about this, or are they just repeating a general statement that they’ve heard? I’ve also had conflicting info regarding what sort of specialists I will need to see–I of course want the best care out there. Any info would be most appreciated on both topics!

Sharray, don’t be scared, I feel that getting info from experienced moms with diabetes, and being as prepared as we can, will be a help to both of us :slight_smile: Best of luck!

I’m now 41, been a diabetic for 13 years and have 3 kids, 5, 8 and 11. Good planning ahead of time is crucial. Get a good OB/Gyn who has managed pregnant diabetics, get ready for tons of finger sticks, and enjoy. If I could, I’d do it all over again. The old horror stories are just that, old! Technology, medication and testing has come so far so fast, you’ll have a better and healthier pregnancy than a non diabetic. We typically take better care of ourselves and eat better. If someone wants to tell you their Aunt Ethel’s horror story about her 1968 diabetic pregnancy, run. Its ancient history.

There is no such thing as a perfect pregnancy, diabetic or not. My 3 kids all are healthy and have no birth defects or disabilities, other than they drive me nuts. I think some docs don’t want to take the time to help a diabetic manage a pregnancy. It can be done, its a ton of hard work, but so worth it. Don’t let them discourage you, and if they do, find another doc.

Maria’s right about the increased insulin requirement, mine nearly quadrupled. It was astonishing. But just after birth, the numbers went right back down, all due to the loss of all those hormones.

Thanks Cara for your reply…