Pregnant with Type1 + Hypothyroid - help!


I just found out I’m pregnant. I am 32 years old and have had diabetes for ~25 years and also take synthroid for hypothyroidism.
I got a CGM so my last few A1c’s have been ok (~6), but for the other ~25 years my control was pretty much out of control.

I was hoping to hear from anyone with type1+hypothyroid that can share any helpful experiences. Particularly, did your synthroid need to be increased immediately/how much? Did your increase in synthroid through off your BG control?/any suggestions? I wonder what the rate of an unsuccessful pregnancy is having both type1+hypothyroidism?


Congratulations! I also have hypothyroidism and take 200mcg of Eutirox (I think the European version of Synthroid). I know that during pregnancy, you usually have to increase thyroid medication but not always in the beginning - it can be at any point of the pregnancy and some women only need a tiny bit more while others need much more. It’s really important to monitor your thyroid and catch it as soon as you need to increase medication.

I needed more Eutirox at 6 weeks because my TSH was 11, and at that time my bloodsugars were SO high, but I don’t know if it was early pregnancy (probably) or my thyroid being off.

Good luck!

Hi! Congrats on the exciting news, and on the good control! I have had hypothyroid for what feels like forever, and also type 1 for almost 30y. I’m rounding out (no pun intended!) my first pregnancy as we speak! I didn’t need an increased dose of synthroid until maybe the 6th month, though I expected it would have needed to go up earlier. I was taking 150mcg before pregnancy, and now take 175 most days, and 225 twice a week. No apparent issues with my BGs either. I DO know that being on the right dose and keeping the TSH in a normal range is super important throughout pregnancy because the baby doesn’t make his/her own thyroid hormones until quite late, so mamas keeping theirs in good shape facilitates normal development (and, in a scary way, vice versa).

Best of luck!

Congratulations! I’m in the same boat as well, 31 years old, hypo for more thatn 20 years and diabetics for 7 years and almost 6 months pregnant!
My BG controle was always ok but you won’t beleive it if I say it took me and my doctor 11 months to bring my TSH in normal range befor Dr shows me green light to go for TTC. My body is very sensative to small change in Synthroid, so my during pregnancy my Dr checks my TSH every 4 weeks and changes the doesage frequently but gradually. generaly synthroid requirements will increase about 50% through pregnancy but it’s not easy to predict when.I steted with 125 mcg till 9 weeks and then suddenly my TSH increase to around 4! now, I’m taking 175 and my last lab result is 3.4, so dr will probably increase it. BTW, the increase in synthroid has never had any effect on my BGs.

My advice: get yout thyroid hormones checked very frequently. Take them far apart from your prenatal vitamins b/c they will interact. don’t let the morning sicknesses prevent you from taking synthroid on empty stomach ! and good luck

Hey Congratulations!! I am Type 1 (ten years - late start) and was diagnosed Hypo just a few months before my first pregnancy last year (also at 32). I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy in January of this year and am looking forward to planning more. I had my synthroid levels adjusted a few times during my pregnancy and my insulin dose was more than doubled by the end of the pregnancy (then drops right back as soon as you give birth). Best plan is to have a really good medical team and get your TSH, Free T4 and HbA1c checked every month for the duration and have adjustments made. You have awesome control which is fantastic to you and baby - mine was a real struggle and my best HbA1C was 7.0 right at the end of my pregnancy (I start pumping on Tuesday and am so excited for what that will mean for my next pregnancy). One thing to be aware of is the increased risk of early delivery. My waters broke at 35 weeks and my Son was born the next day. He had to be in the nursery on a glucose drip for the first few days until his insulin production normalised and he had a little jaundice but he has had no other problems and is a strong healthy boy. You can totally do this and if you have any questions I am more than happy to try and answer from my experience.

Thank you all for replying and sharing your info (and the congrats!).
Congrats to you all, too, who have had a baby, or are about to!

It’s good to know the actual Ac1 numbers that you’ve had, and still a successful pregnancy. Even in these 1st few weeks I’ve seen my numbers fluctuating a lot, and a lot differently than normal, and have increased both my short-acting insulin (apidra) and long-acting (lantus) by a few units already (and have seen some bg spike to nearly 300 before it would come back down). It’s pretty scary, but relieving to know that I’m not the only one that’s had/having a hard time controlling my bgs!

Thanks for sharing (and congratulations to you too, and your healthy son!).