Pretty sure this Dexcom CGM is adding YEARS to my life

I cannot believe that all diabetics are not on a CGM. Makes me CRAZY to see what I have been missing all these years. I have only been on a CGM for 3 weeks, and look at where I am at…It makes me NUTS to know that this technology existed, and I was left out of it.


Wow! @Devildog Great numbers!!

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I suspect you’ve been doing an excellent job with your BG numbers for some time. It’s great to be able to see concrete proof of what you’re doing. All your measures are stellar-- time in range, % hypo, standard deviation, and average BG. I think the Clarity 14-day AGP is one of the best reports around.

I agree, I think all people with diabetes should have access to a CGM. Its educational value alone makes it superb.


I am literally shocked by how EASY it is to control this disease with a CGM! Get a good Endo or CDE and it is really not that hard at all to get close to non-diabetic numbers. If I had this 20 years ago, I would have a lot more years added to my life. 3 WEEKS and I am at an estimated A1C if 5.x - Really? This is not rocket science. You get the damn data, adjust accordingly and holy hell I feel better, and can see the benefits of a CGM. I cannot wait to do blood work and show my doc the numbers. Fight to get one folks - this is only week 3 for me, and the benefits are just incredible.


I was actually not doing well…My last few A1C’s were between a 7.5 and 7.9. I FREAKED out and got the CGM. I have been between 6.0 and 7.0 for years. Now I have control, and that will never happen again.


I agree and can’t believe I went so long without one too. I really think relying on a glucometer alone is akin to using urine testing in the 1980s or 90s when glucometers were available. However, there are still limitations that make this disease frustrating and difficult. Insulin still doesn’t work fast enough to always stop a spike before it gets out of hand depending on what I’ve eaten. Pump site issues still cause problems. I wouldn’t say I can achieve non-diabetic numbers just because I have a CGM. Maybe I could get closer if I really stuck to a low-carb diet, ate out less, stuck to more of a routine and ate more of the same meals every day, but I don’t see any of that happening!


The benefits of strict blood sugar control vary by the genetics of the patient, the comorbidities, and the patient’s age. For type 1 diabetes with long-standing diabetes, hyperglycemic memory may make strict control unproductive, since the damage done earlier, which has already been imprinted on the DNA, just continues on its own. See: O. Twito, et al., “Impact of Glucose Control on Morbidity and Mortality in Elderly with Diabetes,” World Journal of Diabetes, 6 (2) 345 (2015):

"The prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) and pre-diabetes in old age is very high. However, clinical guidelines do not provide complete information to the clinician managing patients with these conditions. Pre-diabetes status in the elderly increases the risk for DM, but probably does not increase the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. The role of therapeutic interventions in elderly patients with pre-diabetes is not yet proven. New-onset DM in older age is associated with better glycemic control and better prognosis compared to long standing DM in this population. Nevertheless, higher glucose levels in elderly with new-onset DM are associated with increased all-cause mortality. The benefits of tight glycemic control in elderly with long standing DM are doubtful and may cause more harm than good. To conclude, more research in this field is needed. Currently, the clinical approach for DM and pre-diabetes in the elderly should be tailored to meet individual needs.

Going on the G5 last year got my A1C down from 6.1 to 5.7


Unfortunately some insurance plans still have terrible coverage. Being self employed with not great income, there is no way I could even get into this system right now. And with the new FDA approval of the next line of products, it’s something I want more and more…sigh sigh.

I got my G5 right after my diagnosis. I can not imagine managing my T1 without it.


Here in the UK we some people can get Freestyle Libre on prescription. This is relevant because with Blucon you can get full CGM. Add in xdrip+ and Nightscout which are free open source apps and I think this as good or better than Dexcom.

No one is talking about this because the product and apps are not approved by FDA or NICE so use at own risk and no clinician can recommend them. Rules for our own safety that make matters worse IMHO.

Hey Devil Dog - I’m interested in getting a CGM but I understand that it’s tough to get approval through Tricare? Any suggestions and recommendations? Semper Fidelis and Fortitudine!

Gunny, tell them you don’t feel lows any more.

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I am not sure about Tricare, but with Blue Cross all I had to do was get a statement of medical necessity and I had to turn in 90 days of meter readings, and a prescription from my Doctor - that was pretty much it. I was showing signs of losing control with a meter, and becoming hypo unaware. It was approved without question once they saw the meter readings.

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The Dexcom brought my A1c down from mid 7s to low 6s. However, I still wouldn’t call diabetes “easy”. It takes constant attention and adjustment (and for me also a low-carb diet), and as @Scott_Eric said, there are still issues like insulin speed, infusion sets, and inaccurate carbohydate counts, (and for us women hormones!) that the Dexcom can’t solve. Even after three years with the Dexcom, I haven’t broken into the 5s yet for my A1c and do not have numbers as good-looking as yours. Though I keep trying!

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It is a daily struggle. Being a Marine, I intend to win it, for as long as I possibly can. I am CONSTANTLY watching my numbers now, adjusting the pump based on what I am doing and eating. I am attempting to live a high protein / low carb life and it is making the difference in my numbers. Protein and Fat dosing was the most difficult thing for me to learn. Just because a meal has no/low carbs does NOT mean you do not have to bolus! Every Type 1, or Type 2 insulin dependent needs to learn to dose properly for high Protein and Fatty meals. I have my average carbs down to under 30 per day, but not everyone can do that - and that is OK - do what you can and try to beat Diabetes’ a$$ every day. Every decision you make counts, and adds extra days to you life. The Dexcom gives me real data that I can use on a daily basis to better decide on meal choices and activity. The Technology is only good if you decide that you want to live as long as possible. USE the data, make changes to your lifestyle and eating habits, and watch the grand kids grow up. Enjoy life - and use the technology to assist you to make the best of the time we have here. Not much more I can say.

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I agree about the control. I’ve been Type 1 for 31 years and always kept my A1C below 6.5.

Enter Dexcom last year and completely new insights popped up. Latest A1C 5.4.

So happy with it, my wife went to work at Dexcom as a Physician Account Specialist!

Nobody is close to their capability, and now that the G6 is approved, they keep pulling further into the lead.

Agree, Dexcom is a life saver. I believe every diabetic must be equipped with one at the time of diagnosis as they do it with insulin. When I first started Dexcom I wasn’t in the mood of extra control and A1C slipped higher. Imagine my surprise at the next endo visit when A1C went down 0.5 point with no special effort from my side, only because I used Dexcom for bolusing decisions. It really empowered me to reestablish the control to see how good I can actually do.


I’m pretty sure you’re right!!! I agree, a CGM makes it so much easier to adjust and know what is going on!!! I was able to make some major changes when I got one! There’s just no way to know as well as to what is happening without the constant numbers and trends to show you! I wished I had gotten one years ago!!!

I finally got approval for CGM from Kaiser and going to training tomorrow to get hooked up on the new Medtronic 670G. New to Medtronics due to new job and different job. I was on Omnipod and miss being tubeless. Hopefully tomorrow will make me love the new closed loop and drop my A1Cs. Been messed up for 6 months since I switched brands of pumps.
I like all the positive feedback on every one elses comments in CGMs

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