Price of Diabetes?

What do you estimate it costs you to be diabetic for a year? I saw a post that estimated $20,000. That seemed a little higher than I usually guess, but maybe with all the pump and CGM bells and whistles, thats accurate. Whats your best guess. I'm in Minnesota with a privatley purchased policy (thats great) and I estimate about $12,000...but thats really just a guess. Its variable.

It only cost me $3050 each year on my current plan. That's my max out of pocket. I meet that by July. So the company probably spends $10k on me. My insurance is obviously through the company I work for. VERY thankful for that benefit.

Thats great! I wonder where I max out my out of pocket. Do you work for a large or small company? I always feel too guilty to apply at small buisnesses because I think I will hurt them financially.