Price of Humalog Insulin

I just recently went on Medicare and I only have part A and B, so no drug coverage yet. I had to get a refill on my insulin today and for four bottles the charge was $440.00. Is this the correct current price of Humalog insulin? When I was first diagnosed in 1999 I was placed on humalog, I lost a bottle and went back to the pharmacy and they allowed me to get a refill at cost which was $28.99 at CVS. Now, in 2009 I’m getting it from Wal-mart. Has it gone up that much? Why… are there gold particles in it or something? If it is in fact this high I will have to do something else, I can’t afford over one hundred dollars a month for insulin.

Regrettably, ~$100/vial is the going rate for Humalog.

Try this coupon…it should help.

Many of the drug companies have special programs for people who need their specific product and have to have it more affordable.
There was a recent discussion on this on another forum and I wish I had paid attention because they said there was a way to handle this situation.
I’ll see if I can locate what they said…

In 2004, that’s what I paid for Humalog. And I had to self-pay for a bottle of Apidra yesterday and paid $116. Not uncommon, like Jaybear said. The stuff is liquid gold.

Mary Anne,

Try or even speak with your Walmart pharmacist as they appear as a partner of the patient assistance program.


You might also ask at your doctor’s office. They sometimes have an employee who does the Meds Assist programs for patients. You can do a search for Medication Assistance. My list is old but threre are usually several companies who allow you to sign up as you can’t always get everything you need from one assistance program. If you can’t find what you need, let me know and I’ll check it out for you.

Yes, that is the going rate and yes, you are correct…it has gone up that much! Sounds like you need it right away…so, I would call your doctor’s office…they have free samples (vials) given to them by the companies. Tell them of your situation and they should spot you at least 2 vials. My doc has flats of insulin…all types…once she gave me 4 vials! They also have lots of coupons and no copay deals. The patient assistance programs take a while for you to actually get your hands on the insulin…minimum of 17 working days…last time I did it, it was almost 3 months. They say 7 days to fill after they approve the paperwork (find problems usually because your doc has to fill it out AND fax it)…they then send it to your doctor’s office…not your home. Once you are approved…the process is relatively simple…call every 3 months for a refill and get to your doc in about 4-5 days:) Make sure to call them before you go through all the paperwork and dealing w /your doc’s office to be sure you qualify…may not, with the Medicare. How long do you have to wait for drug coverage? Your best bet may be getting samples until then. Take care and hope any of this helps:)

If you are a type 1 diabetic – and you are using a pump – Medicare will pay for both the pump supplies and the humalog insulin and the test strips as part of part B medicare. your first step is to get the pump supplier – Medisense in my case to process the insurance claim through medicare B. They will work with your endo for this. Also Medicare requires that you get a zero insulin production test called a C-peptide test of less then 0.7 ng/ml since they will only cheerfully pay for the supplies if you are a total type 1. They will not do it for a type 2 as far as I know.
Once your get your pump supplies going then your can also work with the pharmacy to do paperwork to get yor Humalog processed through medicare part B. This will pay 80 percent of the costs.
Good Luck with the govt.

John, you are incorrect. I have Medicare and am a T2 who started pumping in July. I did have to have the C-Peptide or they can do a GAD or Creatnine Clearance and/or combination plus a fasting BG at the same time. The range is 0.8 - 3.3 but it is a calculated number and depends on what lab does it as to which ranges used. Differrent labs can vary a bit. You are right in that you have to meet certain standards for Medicare to cover the pump and supplies though. A T2 can and often do meet those standards. It just means either they have little to no insulin production left at which time some Endos consider them transitioned to a T1. That is what has happened to me but for the paperwork purposes, I was listed as a T2 and cleared the C-Peptide with a 0.5. Thru one of the Medicare diabetes suppliers, CCS, I also qualified for their financial assistance program which picks up the 20% that I’d normally have to pay. It’s a real blessing as I am on disability and would not be able to have a pump any other way. Medicare is difficult sometimes but a T2 can have a pump…Karla

i believe the program is called lilly cares and can be reached dialing toll free 1800-545-5979 ask for lilly cares they send you a form to take to your doctor detailing how much insulin you take they then will send you aa voucher for a 90 day supply it takes a few weeks but worth the effort