Price to acquire Dexcom?

I bought a Dexcom Seven Plus today, by phone from Dexcom. Cost for the transmitter, receiver and a couple of sensors was $515.00 Sensors quoted at $289/4-pack with an automatic monthly reship agreement or $315 without. There may also be a $200 rebate coming. Not bad.

That, Andy, is one hell of a deal. I just met with a dexcom rep and she told me it was about $1100. Ahh, the power of COMPETITION!

You will probably be able use the sensors for more than a week each. You might want to consider that before you agree to the automatic shipments. I typically use a sensor for at least two weeks.
Good luck

John, I should have mentioned that this was a no-insurance price, and that I whined. A lot. The "insured" prices are absurd.

Allen, you're right. It's amazing that $315 is cheaper than $289, but in the CGM world it certainly is. Thanks.

How do use your sensors for so long? I have tried but with no luck.

so different prices for different folks. got to love these guys.

good for you for getting good deal!

This seems so strange to me. I called Dexcom last December to get the price of a new system. I was told that I could have a special deal because they wanted to welcom back formet Dexcom users. I had quit in 2010 because my insurance no longer covered a CGM. I was given a new Dexcom 7+ package for $519, but no sensors. A box of sensors cost me $324. There was no rebate. This was supposedly a special deal that would no longer be available after Dec 31, 2011.

Andy, you deal was better than mine. Congratulations!

Actually the deal is the same -- Dexcom $519, sensors $324 including shipping. No firm word yet on a rebate... another user said it applies to verybody that bought right now. You can bet, though, that I'll pursue it.


Thanks Andy, I think my prices included shipping, and the ones you quoted did not. Do you agree?