Priming my Anamis Pump

i've been pumping for about 2 months now and i've been so frustrated when changing out my cartridge because no matter how hard i try to prime and keep as close to 200 units in my cartridge after my prime has been impossible.

then i realized (assuming anyway) that i have not been taking into account for the insulin inside the tubing from doing the actual prime. Is this accurate in that the tubing might hold about 15 units of insulin ?? My cartridge holds 200 units and i always end up averaging 185-187 units after prime.

Thanks to anybody looking at this.


yes, that’s what happens to me

thanks myriah… i couldn’t understand why and then this crazy logical idea hit me today and just needed to hear it from somebody else :slight_smile:

thanks again and your doin well !!

I’ve never been able to get anything close to that either… after just loading the cartridge, before priming, the pump usually shows only 194-196u. After priming it’s in the upper 180’s.

We don’t work with a full cartridge, but I know that priming a 23 inch line takes about 12 units. When you finishing priming, the pump says how many units were used for the prime and how many remain.

Yep same here I get somewhere in the 180’s after prime.

I’ve never been on Animas, but I now use the Medtronic and I experience the same thing.

When I was on the Cozmo pump, I was about to fill the cartridge a bit past the 300 u mark and I actually got 300 units out of it. That was nice :slight_smile:

hey carb !! thanks for your reply. I’m a 50ish year old guy and father of two little boys… This crazy disease is a real pain the *** and wouldn’t wish it upon anybody… i just paid your page a visit and to see your little girl pumping was one thing, but to then see the big smiles on her face was another. Just wanted to say Hi and to be well and hope everything’s going ok for you and your family !!