Probably a Silly Question, But

When I put on a new sensor, do I need to keep the receiver portion with me for the 3 hours it takes to start up? Or can I set it somewhere until I have to input my 2 start up readings? I keep it with me, but I always wonder if it is necessary! Thanks.

I was coming to find the same answer. I search around.

I leave mine sit and do what I always do. I only grab it if I go outside and know that the 2 start up readings need to be entered in a short time.

In the dexcom user guide, p. 54 chapter 3.9, they state that when in the start-up period, we should "check every so often to make sure the antenna symbol is in the lower right corner of the trend graphs". This strongly suggests that the two should be within 5 ft of each other and communicating during the start-up.

IMO you have to have it on you - the receiver is getting data the whole time so that it can calibrate appropriately after two hours. I want to say tech support told me this too, but I honestly can't recall the specifics. I've noticed if I don't have the receiver within range during startup, I'll get a lot more ??? the first day or the dex just completely barfs and never starts working.

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Thanks again:)