Prom... AGH!

Warning: may involve long reading and excessive ranting… I mean really, I could turn this into a book.

Ahh yes prom. It should be the best night of a highschooler’s year. However, its already stressful enough without diabetes rearing its ugly head

This all started back in December, around the time when people start finding dates for prom. Being a single guy in a class with more guys than girls, this was already going to be a problem. I finally decided to ask a Sophomore in my band class, and (to my surprise) she said yes! I thought that my girl problem was solved. However, this girl has a reputation for going through a different boyfriend ever other week. Even though she did promise she would go to prom with me even if she got a boyfriend. (we were just going to go to prom as friends) She kept this promise until 2 weeks until prom. She finally ended up with a boyfriend who was a junior. She still said she would go out to prom with me “as a group.” AKA, she will be dancing and having fun with her boyfriend and I will be standing in the corner with the socially awkward nerds. I decided to try to find someone else to go with.

Now I had 2 weeks to find a date when pretty much everyone I knew was already taken. The first girl I asked was a girl I’ve kinda had a crush on for a while now. I thought she liked me also because she always smiles and says hi to me in the hallways and shes usually the shy type. However, when I asked, she said no because she had other plans, but she did say she was very sorry. I didn’t know if that was just an easy way of letting me down or she actually had other plans, but I just said “okay then” and moved on, only slightly heartbroken.

The next girl I decided to ask was a girl at my lunch table. When I asked her, the strangest thing happened. She said that she “hates, dresses, fancy food and all that pointless crap.” Apparently, she knew that I first asked the girl in band and got MAD at me for not asking her first. Even to this day, almost a month later, she doesn’t want to talk to me, unless its to yell at me (also, note to guys: if a girl is mad at you, DO NOT send a text asking why. The 7 page text you receive back might hurt a little.)

Feeling a little ticked off at my womanizing skills, I went home and got on Facebook. I saw a status update that said “Oh man, its getting late and I STILL don’t have a date!” The next day at school, I decided to ask her. I don’t know her very well, but we were both getting desperate. I ask and she said she was going with friends…GAH! and to top it all off, a few classes later, she was complaining that no one had asked her to prom. WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM!!! I haven’t said anything to her since then.

By this point, there was 1 week until prom. I had pretty much given up. But the girl I was going to go with decided to help me. Over text messages.
“Hey did u find a date?”
“not yet :/”
“you could always ask (Freshman girl I really didn’t know too well)”
“uhh sure!”
“heres her number… …shes sitting right next to me.”

With my date problem solved, prom was finally here! We went to one of the nicest restaurants in town, and had our $25 steaks (which were killer!) and since we were under 21, they even gave us a free parfait instead of the usual wine. I took my shot for 70 carbs and we went to prom. Prom this year was a masquerade theme. However, since no one was allowed to wear masks (school policy says you can’t hide your face) we had to settle for those annoying masks on a stick that just got in the way. 5 minutes after the dancing started, no one bothered with the masks anymore.

About 30 minutes into the night, I started to feel excessively thirsty. I checked my blood sugar and I was 420. I knew my carb counting couldn’t be 70 off unless… THEY MIXED UP MY DRINK!!! the best restaurant in town made the same mistake that McDonald’s makes. I slipped into the bathroom and took a correction and tried to take my mind off it and have some fun.

There was a problem with the whole “fun” thing though. The school used the cheapest DJ they could find, a junior from the school who has his own equipment. He also has an extreme like of rap music. There was no good dancing we could do that didn’t qualify as statutory rape, so we stayed off the dance floor for a while. They don’t make good enough eye-bleach to unsee what I saw on that dance floor (example, 50 year old teacher “grinding” with an 18 year old student) Over the next hour, the only thing close to dancing we did was the electric and cha-cha slide. About an hour later, I decided to check my sugars again…480. Now I’m getting ticked off. If I told anyone of the administrators, they would probably send me home. I decided not to because 1, these tickets were $25 each, and I STILL haven’t had a slow dance with my date yet. So I slipped into the bathroom again and took another shot (while explaining to the 2 people already in there that heroin does NOT come in pen form.)

Next prom king and queen were crowned, I wasn’t popular enough to even get in the voting, so It wasn’t me. But FINALLY they HAD to do a slow song for the newly crowned prom royalty. That dance was nice, a bit awkward because we still didn’t know each other very well, but it definitely was the best part of the night. After that song, the music went back to the usual rap, so we got off the dance floor again. For some reason, someone wanted me to pick him up. I went to lift him and… LEG CRAMP!!! Apparently, I was so dehydrated from the high blood sugar that my leg didn’t want to do any lifting at the moment, and it let me know. After a few minutes of being crouched on the floor and receiving awkward looks, I was able to limp away and get about 5 cups of water. After that, My date and I had one more dance and talked for the rest of the night.

Prom was finally over. I walked my date back to the car, which was a good quarter mile away from the party. I decided to check my blood sugar one last time before leaving… 54! And to top it all off, my tube of glucose tabs had fallen out of my pockets sometime during the night. We had to walk ALL the way back to prom, sneak back in, and steal some cookies and sweet tea. My bloodsugar went up after a few minutes, and we went back to my car and we drove home.

The best night of my life? Probably not. A night to remember? Definitely

Oh my , that’s all I can say …TimmyMac …your 70 plus year old supporter :slight_smile: …and you blog a darn good story !!

I’m glad you story ended with you being ok. How did your date feel about the diabetes or do you tell them? You do write an excellent story. Thanks for sharing. My son is in grade 11 and he does not like to test with his friends. Does this bother you?

:slight_smile: I really enjoyed reading this, TimmyMac. Excellent story, and a night that you will remember forever.


Reading your blog makes me glad my school didn’t have prom. It was cancelled my junior year due to lack of interest. Different era when girls didn’t wear make-up & no one wanted to dress up.

Do turn it into a book. You’re a great writer!

@momwith3 She knew about the diabetes thing pretty much from day one. I’ve had this for over 13 years now so checking in front of people is no big deal. I’m not sure if she knew exactly how bad a 480 bloodsugar is, but she was concerned for me.

The only reason I took my shot in the bathroom is because I didn’t feel like unbuttoning my shirt in front of 200 people.

thanks for the support guys.

Thanks for the reply and information. Have a great day.

Wow, you are an excellent writer. I hope writing plays into your future career plans! Sorry about the up and down blood sugars all night. My son is 13 and has type I. I read your story to him for future planning. LOL Try not to dwell on the negative and remember the good times you ended up having. My son just went on his first far away field trip yesterday (I did not go) and he went low two times. I believe I was more worried then he was. How do your parents feel about you driving and things like that? Just wondering if the worrying lessens as the child gets older?

The only Proms I attended were the kids. I was the Principal. I spent more time in the parking lot. I wondered why girls did not wear corsages but lugged big boxes. I soon found out…NIPS. All of a sudden boys used canes? Why? They were hollow excellent for booze.I soon became known as Speedy Reedy…I was everywhere. No one on my watch was going to get killed from drunk driving. Not to brag they loved me though. I still hear from over 50 kids from the Class of 1961 on my birthday. Your Blog brought back pleasant memories. Reed,the Seagator

Great story telling! A very talented young man! good job!

A night to remember is right! Just add a tally mark to the “live and learn” column… but the question is this: despite the chaos, did you have fun? What did your date think (do you still talk to her?).

When I went to school, only the geekiest of the geeks went online (dial-up bulletin boards). Social media was whispering to a friend, who whispered to soemone else, etc. Facebook and texting really changes things!

TimmyMac, you are one brave young man with his head screwed on straight -a rarity these days! Please blog more, I really enjoy your writing. Hope you had a blast at prom!!

@Theresa Goerner To be honest, I have no idea how much they worry about me. Whenever I go on a trip, theres the usual extra long check-list we go through

“Do you have your insulin?”
“are you SURE?”
5 minutes later
"Are ABSOLUTELY SURE you got your insulin? because you can’t afford to forget that”
“OMG yes I have my insulin!!!”

but once I’m away, I don’t think she worries all that much. I just went on a trip to 6 flags for 2 days and she only called once. She used to worry a lot more but it definitely seemed to lessen after I had my license for a while.


We have very similar conversations at my house. LOL I’m glad to hear that somehow your Mom does make it through it without calling you non-stop. I’ll have to let my son know that there is hope that his overprotective mom might get better with time.

I just wish my english teacher liked my writing as much as yall do. I’m lucky if I get above a C on any of my papers

Thank you for this blog. I am much older and prom was years ago but I too have the disease and had it at prom. It is so hard to explain to any one who does not have it let alone feel terrible at a huge event and just try t get through it, I am actually stating a new profession around people like yourself and experiences like you just had and learning how to prepare better for them and others like graduation, college and maintaining normalcy while controlling a difficult disease during all of these life events. I hope you had some fun. You know what you had to do to get through the highs and you are so lucky that the insulin did not go the other way and dip your sugar too low. You had a lot to worry about that evening and unfortunately your diabetes was not acting kindly. I hope you will at least remember the good company and look back someday and laugh at what was memorable. Thanks for the post and keep me updated on all of your milestones. I have gone all the way in school. I hold a master’s and my diabetes has reared it ugly head many times. The one valuable advice I can give is have fun, enjoy your high school years, just don’t forget about the silent disease diabetes. We all who have it look normal on the outside (until the heroine joke is needed) but remember diabetes has its attention getting moments. Mine have been in public. Your young and I cannot say it gets easier but you will get smarter in handling it. Feel good. Great Blog and I plan to show a client of mine who did not want ot go to her prom because of her diabetes. Thank you

Oh, honey, I remember all three of my proms with great clarity after your post (yes, I dated older boys in high school and then went to my own prom as a senior). There were mishaps along the way, but in the end, she’ll remember you with wistful fondness forty years from now. That’s got to count for something. ;0)