Prom with diabetes?

I was invited to go to prom by a junior at school (Im a sophmore so technically im not allowed to go unless asked by a junior or senior). Instead of buying an expensive dress, my mom, my neighbor and I are going to make a dress. Its like goldish yellow and we have some pretty sparkly stuff to put on it. and we bought some silver high heels to go with it (which Im wearing right now. lol trying to learn how to walk in them).

I was wondering...How is diabetes going to affect prom? Ive actually got a few questions...

1. Where do I put my pump if im wearing a dress? (I have a one touch ping with the meter remote, so it doesnt matter if I cant get to it.)

2. Where do I keep all my supplies, like my bg meter and all? I cant carry a purse and dance at the same time, but then again I need to be able to get to it easily while not worrying about somebody stealing it.

3. What works best for when your low and you need to come up fast?

lol forgive me if I keep comming back with questions...

Any help is appreciated!


Congrats – that’s exciting!!

For my wedding, I had a pocket sewed into the inside of my wedding dress. That was nice cause I didn’t even notice it.

If the material is such that the pocket would be visible, then you can sew it onto a slip and wear that under your dress. I find this to be the best solution for dancing. You can also get pockets that wrap around your thigh, but those sometimes slip when dancing.

I carry a small purse, but just take the meter and strips and lancet device out of the case so that they take up less room. Also you can have your date put some glucose tabs in his pocket. :slight_smile:

  1. I wear a bigger bra and stick it in there and stuff the other side to balance it out

  2. I would go with a little wristlet purse- stick some test strips in a sandwich baggy (it will save room) and your hands will be free to dance while it hangs on your wrist.

  3. glucose tabs, really small tubes of frosting/icing, rolls of lifesavers

thanks guys!
Kristin- I’ll probly get my neighbor to sew a pocket into the inside of the dress. It shouldnt be hard since we’re making the dress anyway :slight_smile:
Sarah- I didnt think of frosting. I’ll probly try that

  1. I agree with the pocket idea.

  2. Perhaps they can make a little bag too - a drawstring one with a ribbon in it that you hang from your wrist for supplies

  3. We like glucose tabs that they sell with the diabetes supplies. They must be tasty because my non-diabetic child likes them too. Like Sweet-tarts, I hear.

Have fun!

hey I totally didnt think about making a bag too! Idk if we’ll have enuff fabric left over tho…i hope we do cuz thatd be SO cool to have a little bag made of the same stuff at my dress!

For my prom my mom had a pocket sewed in to my dress with a little hole for the tubing to go through and my site was on my thigh. I had two pockets one for pump and one for glucose tabs lol

haha thats so cool!

I carry jelly beans in a really small plastic bag because they take up a lot less room than glucose tabs. Also, they taste better. Each jelly bean has 1 gram sugar, so easy to count. They work fast. For small purses, I don’t bring the case either, as Kristin mentioned. I have a shoulder strap evening purse because I find it annoying to hold a clutch purse all night.

Have fun! Hope you’ll post a pic of you in your dress!

Of course I’ll post pix for you guys!! :smiley: