Protective skin for pump?

I would love a protection skin for my Metronics Revel. The only thing they seem to offer is skins, which cover everything but the screen. I can get one for my phone, but not my pump, anyone found one?

I keep in a NitIze case when I am working, but when I am not working I just wear it on my hip

i was justing thinking the same thing in regards to the veo (canada, but i believe it is practically the same). we are one month one week into pumping and there are 2 large scratches on the screen as well as some smaller ones and i am thinking we will still be paying for this thing long after we are still able to read the screen! looking at the skin on his pump i thought why didn’t they just make it one big piece that is clear over the important parts to protect it rather than cut it out? i was even thinking of looking for a skin for a phone or some other device and cutting a piece to fit the screen.

my boy is 6 so it isn’t like we can otherwise keep it scratch free!

I ended up with one from Zagg. It works really well, it started to come loose on an edge and they sent me a new one for just the cost of shipping. It is much thicker than the normal phone protectors that some people cut down. You may be able to get them to cut one for your son’s pump. try them at or call them or they even have online chat. I just looked up the VEO, looks the same, might want to check with Metronics to make sure.

Also, the Nitize case works great.

the veo and the revel are the same size/shape, etc. just some different features/functions i think. I don’t think USA approved the low glucose suspend feature on the CGM which the veo has, so i think that is the difference. thanks i will look that up. We did manage to get a phone one and cut it, but not until after there were 3 large gashes accross the screen and I did not manage to cut it perfectly and it is pretty thin. You would think the company making them would make something to protect them. When I mentioned this to our rep, she sent us a free case, but he didn’t like having to take it in and out of the case. I agreed. much easier just to clip it to his pants:)

just ordered from Zagg. the phone one we had purchased is coming loose, so we needed a new one anyway:)