The Skins are being delivered for the new PDM

As the title says FEDEX just dropped off the skin for the new PDM. They are white and nice for protecting the PDM if you do not carry it in the case.

For those of you who ordered a new PDM be on the look out.

cool deal! i hope to get mine soon. does it have clip on it as others have said or is it just a sort of a scratchproof cover?

It is the same cover as the navigator. It is rubber that covers all sides but the screen with a small opening for the usb port.

I rarely use the one for the navigator because of the bulk that it adds. I doubt I will use this because I always keep it in the case with supplies and also to prevent static shock issues.

I thought the opening was for the meter part to check your sugars through? I only have one opening on my skin, and I just got it today. It seems pretty thick so it should help protect the pdm well!

U r correct for the meter.

We need pictures


I would rather have a holster with bet clip

I agree with you Renegadez. I received the skin for my new PDM this morning via FedEx. In the package there was information that advised to go to for information regarding other colors. I must be half asleep because I couldn’t find any information there about getting other colored skins. Anyone else find this information?


I jsut looked and couldn’t find anything. Did they just send you guys the skins or did you have to order it somewhere? I start on the omni pod tomorrow and have not received a skin yet. just wondering

I didn’t order the skin. I think it came because I had already ordered the new PDM. I’ve been on the OmniPod since 12-15-08. Best wishes to you tomorrow and let us know how you like it.

I too recieved my skins today.
I ordered a pink and a red.
Both are nice deep colors.
I just ordered them on Monday the 8th,my system came the next day and skins today so I’m really very happy with the service.

Debbie, did you happen to order those skins from the website or directly from Customer Service? If you ordered them from the website, would you mind posting the link here somewhere? Like Mayumi, I searched on the Omnipod site for other colors to order and couldn’t find it.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

So sorry but I ordered them when I ordered the system…
I also saw on the skin package that it says to go online to order and I for the life of me can’t find it at all…
I say call Customer Service if you can.
Sorry I’m no help at all.

Just started on the pod as of 10am and so far so good!!! I love it!!

Today is my 6th day. I love it too…Simple to use and tonight I’m going to start using the software!
I hope you continue to love it.

I have my skin:) yeppie

YOu have to call custormer sevice is what I was told…I asked about a free one and they knew nothing about it, so I ordered one

Yep, this is true. However, they are $15/skin + $5 to ship, so basically $20 if you only want 1 color. :frowning:

When I called today and spoke to the customer service rep, I finally got them to explain the timeline a little better.
The colored skins are ready to ship and are waiting on people to call to place orders for them. They, like FyerKrackr said, are $20 total (with shipping).
The free (clear) skin is not shipping (at least not shipping to the general masses) until the 1st to 2nd week of July. So if you want to wait for the clear one, it may be up to another month or so (but as we have seen from the original post and the other images above, it looks like some of them are going out already…).