Pump Still Waterproof?

Right now, I’m using a Ping. I know it’s waterproof BUT after keeping a plastic skin on it for a while, I took it off and wiped it down and the grey putty looking strip between the pump screen and case PEELED OFF on one side. Now I see this little black gap and I’m wondering if it will be compromised by water in the future. I think that maybe keeping that plastic skin on all the time, made it “sweat” and caused it to come loose. I’m also worried that it will continue to pull out from the rest of the screen as I can see holes in other parts of the grey strip.

Anyone else have this happen? Do you think it is OK? I put the plastic skin back on just to have it covered again.

Hi Mandy,
Give Animas a call they’ll probably replace it without a question.

Your right John,
I’m on the phone with them now, and they said it is no longer waterproof. They are so nice, and they are sending one out to me that will be here on Halloween.

I had a problem with a screen cover too, it removed a bit of the clear enamel or whatever it is just over the display, but it hasn’t affected it otherwise. I guess I would recommend not using the generic PDA covers; the one I got from animas is working fine so far, although I haven’t removed it yet in a month’s time…
Were you using the cover that Animas sells or a different kind?

I was actually using those plastic skins that animas makes. I think it might have trapped just enough moisture to cause the grey sealant between the screen and case to degrade. Animas doesn’t think so, but I just wonder… Now I’m a little bummed because the thought of a refurb kind of bothers me. I don’t like to think someone else has used my pump. Am I weird or what!

I’ve thought about getting the screen protector from them. Do you like it?

Animas replaced my pump last week. I didn’t get a refurbished one; I received a brand new one. I’m not sure what their policy is but I wouldn’t mind a refurbished one. It will be clean and “good as new.”

I got mine yesterday, and it was new too. In fact it was made exactly one year after my original AND they now come with the lens protector pre-installed. I guess it’s just sad losing my original. I had taken such good care of it that it looks better (and a little better made) than my new one minus the sealant of course.

I wish all the pumps came with those lense protectors. oh well whatever.