Protein shakes

Hi All;

can anybody recommend me some low carb protein powder supplement?

I am on Dr.Bernsteins low carb /high protein diet and believe that I do not eat enough protein. ( Max 1 portion of meat/fish/ day )

I was thinking to add 1 shake per day.

Pls advise.

Isopure Zero Carb

it comes in SEVERAL delicious flavors :slight_smile:

Approximately every 2 months or so, GNC places them on sale too!

i’ve read that whey protein is really good for you, and have actually tried the pro performance whey protein complex from GNC. it was pretty good (i had the chocolate). they’re all pretty low carb (i think pretty much all the flavors - and there are a lot to choose from - are less than 10 grams) high in protein (anywhere from around 15-30ish grams) and low calorie. you just mix them with cold water to make a shake or if you want to, you can turn it into a smoothie with a little fruit, some ice, and a splash of milk (i like almond milk personally).

Hu Bek;

thanks for your advice.

I am on a low carb diet ; trying to reduce some weight as well… I believe I am not eating sufficient protein. I am just little afraid if such powder make you gain weight…

Hi Hayaa,

I like NOW brand whey isolate powder. It’s only 2-3 carbs per scoop & I mix it with unsweetened almond milk, also low carb. If you use whey, use the form that’s whey isolate form, not the hydrolyzed.

Eating low carb, you have to have sufficient protein. Unless you overdo the protein, you shouldn’t gain weight.

Hi Gerri,
I’ve started supplementing with 100% Whey Protein ISOLATE 23g protein, 3g carbs. I bought both vanilla and choc. flavors. You wrote above to use the form that’s whey ISOLATE, and not the hydrolyzed. How come? Also, I can’t stand the stuff–either flavor–mixed with water so I add it to yogurt or GO LEAN cereal. I bought the EAS brand from BJ’s Warehouse. Do all brands taste about the same in water? Regards, Lucy

Hey Lucy,

The isolate form is better assimilated & higher quality. I use NOW brand unflavored & it has no taste. It dissolves instantly, too. Sorry, I’ve never added protein powder to water. I make shakes with unsweetened almond milk & flavoring & it tastes great.

I have an Atkins Advantage Milk Chocolate Delight Shake almost every day. Haven’t found anything to top it yet.