Protein snacks

This one is for the people on low carb people here. What protein snacks do you eat? I wanted a snack today and everything around is carbs! Even an apple. What do you eat for snacks that is not high in fat and doesn’t need any preparation?

I can think of cheese and nuts but that are high in fat and don’t fill you up. Then there is tofu, but you have to heat it up and it’s not readily edible like a cracker is.

Need some ideas. Thank you.

When I’m going for a low carb snack I don’t worry about how much fat it has, but some snacks that have less fat but are low carb would be canned seafood in water. I’ve often used a can of sardines with a package of roasted seaweed snacks as a filling snack when BG’s are high or I just don’t want to mess up my BG right before a dexcom site change.

Low fat neufaschetel cheese with smoked salmon

Low fat or fat free yogurt that’s unsweetened. You can either sweeten it yourself with stevia or make it savory with dill and dip cucumbers into it.

Powdered peanut butter has most of the fat taken out of it and you just mix it with some water to bring it back to it’s “butter” state. Eat it with celery or carrot sticks. Carrots are higher carb but also high fiber and in controlled amounts will still work for low carb.


Powered peanut butter!!! hahahahah… :rofl: .NO WAY!?.. …that’s crazy talk!! I’ve never heard of such a thing!
Where can I get some of that stuff? Sounds like a very good solution!

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Your suggestions are really helpful. I’ve never heard of powdered PB! Thanks!

Some stores sell it but amazon is probably the easiest place to get it. is great, super fast shipping (free if you buy a bunch at once), and if you sign up for mailing list they frequently have freebies on offer with purchases (some of which are high carb, but can also make good gifts). You might also look for things there like roasted soybeans, which are lower fat than nuts (though like peanuts, higher carb as well—often there’s a trade-off between fat and carbs if it’s not meat).

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My faves are a spoonful or two of MaraNatha’s Coconut Almond Butter, Camembert cheese, salami, sugar-free jello, nuts, celery with cream cheese, a cup of unsweetened chocolate almond milk with stevia, black iced coffee with stevia, keto mug-cake, pork-rinds, ricotta cheese with Splenda and berries, hardboiled eggs and dark chocolate.

I also enjoy the Quest protein cookies, but IDK if you would consider them low carb or not…the ones I’ve tried have tons of fibre.

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I love almonds for a quick snack (not the kind coated with BBQ sauce and stuff like that, just lightly salted or unsalted almonds). A small piece of a harder cheese does not raise my BG, either. Pork rinds (unflavored) and hard-boiled eggs are good, as well.

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