Portable low-carb food for a Type 2

I frequently have to attend meetings, workshops, etc. two hours away from my home. I eat low-carb, high protein with veggies. I find it hard to find portable low carb food that travels well (i.e. no refrigeration) and isn't "weird" or noisy. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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You can pack a cool bag with an iceblock in it with salads, frittata (take a knife and fork) ham rolled round asparagus spears, a low carb flat bread wrapped round salad and some form of protein. Some berries or low carb bar for dessert is good.

Raw almonds. I travel a lot as well and find these to be the perfect snack. They travel well, are highly nutritious, taste great and have a nominal effect on BG. The other one is boiled eggs - but this could fall under the "weird" category for some.


I love all of the creative ideas I'm reading here. Some additional ideas: edamame are a good protein source, easy to carry in a plastic container, and aren't noisy to chew. Cucumbers are less noisy than many other raw vegetables. I like to make a salad out of leftover cooked vegetables, and eat them cold with a sprinkle of cheese. Legumes like lentils and blackbeans make great, portable salads with chopped up veggies. What about the resealable packets of tuna? Low sodium vegetable juice is another option, and you can even make your own veggie juices. Cottage cheese with vegetables is another go-to meal or snack for many people.

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Canned sardines/fish (yeah weird), beef jerky,

nuts and canned fish for things that don't need refrigeration. but you can just carry a small insulated lunch bag with plenty of low carb things like eggs, veggies, berries etc. if the food is well packed in a container or even foil it won't be noisy. I've done that for years.

String cheese (just don't pull it apart--eat it like a stick of cheese). It's vacuum sealed, so it'll be fine, albeit a little warm.

Nuts, jerky. Kashi bars.
Steamed broccoli, green beans--maybe with some hummous.
I'm also partial to the snack Somersaults--made with alot of sunflower seeds, therefore plenty of protein/fiber.

Good cracker choices: Ak Mak & Wasa.
I keep a package of Wasa in a ziplock in my office. One cracker helps round out a meal, but I'm never tempted to reach for a second (because Wasa sort of tastes like cardboard).

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Your suggestion about Wasa crackers reminds me of a woman from Sweden in one of my groups. She swore by Wasa crackers, and said that in Sweden they're often one of the first solid foods babies are given. She often used Wasa instead of bread and topped them with ham, cheese, and veggies.

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I've never heard of the Somersault snacks and Googled them. Which are your favorites?

I also love the Somersaults. I can't remember which others I've tried but I currently have Pacific Sea Salt and I love them. They are 1 gram per piece. They're small but I find 6 of them very satisfying as an accompaniment to soup.

My (non-d) teen & I both like the Salty Pepper. I have also enjoyed the Santa Fe Salsa--but I think I might have more problems with portion control.

Thanks for the feedback on the various flavors. You're right that the better something tastes, often the more difficult it is to stop at one portion.

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The top 23 low carb snacks page is no longer there. Any suggestions?

I travel a lot and often have to attend meetings that are “catered.” I bring lots of packages of nuts, Costco sells big boxes of individual peanut packages. Also, I take along canned fish often packed in olive oil. It is very portable and durable. All you need is a plastic fork or spoon. Not for everyone, but it is a great low carb high fat snack.

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Nuts of all kinds are very portable. I haven’t figured out how to make avocado portable for travelling. Any thoughts and suggestions?

Make the avocado into guacamole, or just mash with lemon juice or your favourite mayonnaise. It can be put into a small plastic container and either eaten with a spoon or used as a dip for other vegetables. The lemon juice will stop the avocado browning.

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