Pseudoephedrine - decongestant. Has anyone taken this and seen any adverse reactions in Blood Sugar?

I have not learned how to easily search through previous posts on this site for particular subjects in all groups? Is that possible to search in all groups on Tudiabetes for particular subjects?

Anyway…Maybe the answer is out there somewhere on Tudiabetes…but in the mean time…has anyone taken this drug? I am still recovering from a crazy head cold and flu and have taken advil…and now Pseudoephedrine. I am not sure if this is bad for us Type 1’s or not good for Dexcom readings? Any experience with this drug? I know Tylenol is not recommended for Dexcom…but not sure about Pseudoephedrine. Thanks!

I hope everyone is feeling better than I am this weekend! take care

You can use google to search the entire site. Just use “site:”, ie… Pseudoephedrine

Wahoo! Thank you Uglycus - I appreciate the search tip and will start to use that from now on. Enjoy the weekend.

It is perfectly fine. It is in the allergy meds that I take daily.

My issue when I take it in over the counter stuff is that I usually have a cold which does all sorts of icky things to my numbers anyway :wink: