OMG Blodd sugar 367

I have been sick so I took some Advil cold & sinus . I took them at 4 PM and I just checked my BS and I am 367 .
Has anyone had this problem with Advil cold & sinus? It is really to late for me to take a correction I might go low while I am asleep . How long will it keep my sugar up ?


Advil cold and sinus has pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) in it as the decongestant....Sudafed acts like adrenaline and can stimulate your body to release glucose...and it contains a warning that diabetics should ask their doctor before using it because it can raise your blood sugar...

I had the same thing happen to me when I had a cold and took Actifed (which also has sudafed in it).

I don't know how long it will keep your blood sugar up, but I corrected it when I had the problem.

If you are 367 you need to take action. Have you checked for ketones? It's not unusual for me to have high BG when I'm sick...I never take any off the shelf cold remedy's so I have no idea if Advil cold & sinus will cause High BG.

I would not go to bead with a BG of 367mg/dL...I would correct.

I would correct and set an alarm to check your BG at 2 & 4 hours post-correction. I know it disturbs your sleep but an overnight hypo is even less restful!

Thanks guys my mom called the doc and she said she did not think it was the meds just the sickness (my mom xthinks y’all are right and it is the meds ).
My BS has went down to 250 now . I think I am going to go to bed now . Thanks for all halls help

I was also going to tell you that after I posted I checked on my freestyle &my contour,the freestyle which I use all the time said 367 the contour said 450! What the heck?
That is crazy that 2 meters are that different .

Rest well and feel better!

I’m not sure if it’s the cold meds but when I had a cold a few weeks ago I took robitussin. It was not sugar free but it had very little effect on my blood sugar. Because of that I didn’t even bother buying the sugar free version. Hope that helps in the future.

I hate to say it but 350+ is common ground for anyone with diabetes. Checking for keytones... What the hell does that do? Just take the correction and try and mellow out. I had a 330 the other morning after breakfast and last night a 295. It's part of the program. Though if you stay on top of it the percentage of times it will get that high is not very often. Never try and figure out why and how because its a waste of time. As far as the meters go you'll never get the same reading even on the same meter.

Blood glucose over 180 freaks me out, which is why I have an A1C of 5.1. 350+ IS a big thing and ketones ARE a big thing and need to be corrected. Running high like that for any extended period can put you in the ER, and fast. Look at some of the posts here about their experiences with high ketones and what happened.

That said, I also agree that a high once in a while should not be a complete freak out. Personally, I prefer a low, because I can treat it quickly and go on. High BGs take time and sometimes even days, if the conditions are correct (illness, stress, etc.)

I always try to figure out what happened (hi and low) so I can avoid the situation the next time. Experience is a great teacher.

Hope you feel better, Tyler! I never have had a problem with Sudafed,, but everyone is different. However, I try not to take remedies that mix things together, like fever, cough, stuffiness, etc. Somehow, when it is a mix, it causes a lot more problems. So I would take Sudafed and and aspirin for a cold.

I'd go w/ the doc and sickness over sudafed. I take that all the time and it cranks me up a little bit but not that much. Sickness seems more likely in my experience. I don't bother asking my doctor about it, just watch it and sort of anticipate some highs.

I agree we have highs and we have lows… its not always perfect, the stress alone freaking out over your BG doesn’t help either lol we can’t be perfect.

Ok I did not take a correction factor before bed good thing because I was 136 when I got up this morning . Thanks for all of yall's help. I guess sometimes there is no reason other then just being sick . I feel better today !!!!

I was 250 again after lunch today. I don't usually run high like this often but even having a little bug (which I may have) in your system throws everything haywire. I've used sudafed before and never noticed anything but who knows. Sad thing is everything and anything can raise your sugar but the only thing that can lower it is insulin and sometimes exercise if you still have some insulin on board and are under 250. I know highs are horrible for us but the only reason I get freaked out over them is cause I feel like walking death. If I felt fine I'd just make the correction calmly and move on. Take into account I am not a very good patient. I don't test near as much as I should and still try to eat most of the things I enjoy rather then whats best for me.

It's the illness. Every time I get the least bit sick my BS sky rocket and I haven't taken any meds. Plus it takes twice as much to get it down. I've been feeling like I might be coming down with something for a couple weeks, not actually sick yet, and for the past couple weeks I've been fighting like heck to get and maintain a good blood sugar. (It knows before I do that I'm sick)I usually try and do a temporary basal for a few hours at a time, watch it closely and that seems to keep it under control

I took the advil all day yesterday and my sugar was not high and I feel much better this morning !!! So I guess it was the sickness or my lunch that was both high carb & high fat !! (I know I am a bad boy LOL). Because my BS was not high at supper time I did not think it was my lunch . I ate lunch at 11 AM and my BS did not go high until 7-8 PM.
I guess the fat slowed down the BS rise . Guess I will not be eating that very enjoyable meal again from what my mom says LOL man I am still hearing about it .
Thanks guys got to go to work !!! Glad advil cold doesnt make my sugar go up because they sure made me feel better