Pump and cgm for ultrasounds

I called both Medtronic and Dexcom this morning about wearing the pump and Dexcom during the ultrasounds. Is that everyone else’s experience.

As long as you don’t stick the US probe directly on your pump, there is no reason why it should be affected in the slightest. Dexcom is solid-state, and even if you did scan it with the probe it would be fine.

Thank you for your reply. This helped put my mind at ease.

I’ve had no less than 10 ultrasounds of my lower abdomen in the last few months. My CGM is quite close. There is no problem!

This was what was hanging in the dressing room when I had my mammogram/ultrasound a few months ago. This was the first time I was told I needed to remove my pump and CGM before have the procedures done. I of course said no, that I had never been asked to do this before and was not going to remove the sensor. I did disconnect the pump but I was very surprised with the new procedures. Not sure why.

Totally overkill. I’ve had CT scans and xrays with my “stuff” on me. Only for my MRI’s do I remove pump, set, sensor, receiver.

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One thing I do (during CTs, Xrays, Mamograms/Ultrasounds,…) is to pop out the transmitter and give it, along with the receiver to the tech, but otherwise, I don’t do anything either.

That’s nuts, someone has gone to a lot of work to produce that poster based on nothing more than FUD and desire to avoid liability. MRI makes sense for sure, CT/Cath lab/Fluoroscopy maybe, but general x-ray is a nope and mammography double nope! I suppose if it’s not a specialist breast imaging clinic then it’s sort of excusable, but once you’re in the mammography room with the radiographer/tech they should tell you it’s not applicable. Mammography equipment is low-energy x-rays for starters, and if your collimation is so out of whack that you’re getting significant exposure off the imaging platform then there’s no way you’re meeting technical standards. I’m involved in accreditation/oversight of the Australian BreastScreen program and we have nothing like this in my home state, nor have I seen it in the procedures for any other state program.