Pump and water sports?

Hi guys –

In June I’m going to a conference on the beach in the Outer Banks of NC. Yes, this is a work trip! They’ve just sent around an e-mail asking people to sign up for various extra-curricular activities. Some are no-brainers – yes, please, I would like to take an off-road jeep tour to go look at wild horses! But what about this?

Surf kayaking OR surfing with a surfboard (including lessons and equipment) – 2 hours

Can I do this with my (minimed) insulin pump? How? I no longer have a prescription for pens, and I’d rather not juggle switching back and forth between pens & pump with the rest of the chaos brought on by the trip. If it matters, my basal is pretty low (~.2/hour most of the day), and this will be physically vigorous, so maybe I can just disconnect for 2 hours?

Thoughts? Any suggestions about how to do water fun appreciated.

When I was in Hawaii I just disconnected for snorkeling. For security reasons I actually left my pump in the hotel room and took shots if needed. I found that I may or may not need to replace missed insulin and so found it easier to just monitor sugar frequently and adjust accordingly.

I also no longer have RX for pens but when I remember I do ask endo for a sample pen of Lantus or Levemir to have on hand in case of pump failure. I also will occasionally ask for a bag of syringes to have on hand too. Getting a box of pens at the pharmacy is wasteful but having a single pen and a few pen needles on hand comes in handy.

Have fun.

I spent most of last summer at a waterpark (Schlitterhahn New Braunfels, TX, river water mostly) and used the Aquapac for my Minimed pump. Worked like a charm except for the one time I did not get the seal set quite right (pump lived, caught it in time) and the one time I did not get the tubing set just right and caused a no delivery alarm. Here is the link if interested: http://www.aquapac.net/usastore/
Look under electronics, microphone/insulin pump case. The case and belt are very secure.
I am pretty active when at that park, especially when nieces/nephew out to keep me running! Swimming in the river also, depth to about 10 -12 feet or so with no problem. I would check often for water (put piece of paper towel in aquapac with my pump, could see if it got wet easily). I did find I had to increase my basal rate I believe by about 15% -20% even with increased activity, my bolus amount remained the same but I would usually “open” the aquapac when I would bolus for more than 15g of carbs.