Waterproof cases for our minimed pump

Anyone use a waterproof container for their minimed pump, if so what kind? Going visiting and going to the ocean next month.

I would not go in the pool/ocean with your pump on. I mistakenly did that recently and my pump stopped working. It was still on but none of the buttons would respond when I pushed them. MM was very good about it though, they shipped me a replacement pump the next day.

I typically don’t take the pump with me when I swim/dive/snorkel in the ocean, more out of concern for losing it. MM will replace a waterlogged pump, but probably not a missing one (not 100% sure on that though). I know that the likelihood of losing it on a dive is pretty remote but I just haven’t taken that chance.

What I do depends on the situation:

Beach - I’ll bolus (1-1.5U or based on bg) right before I go into the water and repeat every 1.5-2h. If it’s hot, I keep it in the cooler even when I’m out of the water and reconnect every 1-2 h for a small bolus.

Diving - I use Lantus for my basal for the vacation/diving period and disconnect before I go in. I still use the pump for bolusing out of the water.

Kayaking - Secure the pump (waist pouch) but don’t use any waterproofing.

I have a friend who does pool swimming and she uses ziplock bags and waterproof tape. But if you lose it in the pool then you can probably find it.

I asked this same question on the traveling the world with Diabetes Group…Here is what someone had responded to me with, I did not purchase this waterproof case…but it looks like a good idea. Instead, I just disconnected up to 1 - 1.5 hours and bolused in between if necessary, usually the water activity kept me from getting a high BG, I also have wrapped my pump in a couple plastic baggies when going on a water ride at an amusement park, just another idea:

I have done several “water trips” with my MM515. I purchased a waterproof case. I put the pump in the case …and the case in my swim suit pocket… no big deal. Check out the below link to view the waterproof case I purchased.

My water trips consisted of snorkeling, ride horses (in the ocean), swimming in the ocean etc etc… My MM515 is water resistant and not water proof. It was totally submerged in water for long periods of time, thus me needing the waterproof case.


This might be a good read: http://www.diabetesdaily.com/knicks/2010/07/underwater.php

I also don’t bother with one, but I do have two sites I use for pump accessories (they might have something):

  1. www.pumpwearinc.com
  2. www.uniaccs.com

Good Luck!

I have been using the aquapac successfully while at water park this summer, wet all day.
Insulin pump case (154). The pump fits tightly in this aquapac (minimed 722), can stay connected to CGM. Experiment first, I have to increase basal rate, study posted on aquapac site, food bolus does ok with no changes needed. I do check frequently to make sure no leaks have developed (happened once, caught it in time, crimped tube once got no delivery alarm).

Ive had no problems going in the pool with my pump,

Although I heard somewhere that you shouldn’t go below 10 feet deep and never take it in salt water.

Please do be careful and consider not doing this. I’ve been told by Minimed (in response to an FDA action) that Paradigm pumps should not get wet. I’ve had three pumps fail, and now I do everything I can to avoid getting any moisture near them at all. Trust me, a broken pump is not something you want to have.

So, there is no waterproof case for the Paradigm? MM has cases for 500 style pumps! Frustrating. I used to swim all the time before pumping…now never. I don’t have anyone to watch a cooler for me, hold my pump, etc.

What Jeff said. I just had my first “button error” after running out in a light rain. I have NEVER worried about my pump getting a little bit wet (not submerged, just wet) until now. I also just heard from a friend whose pump died after getting sweat moisture on it. UGH. Heeeeeelllllooooo Animas.