Pump battery life with CGM

I have been on the minimied sensors for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I used to get around 3-4 weeks out of my batteries in my pump, but now I am only getting a week. Have any of you found this to be true once you started with the sensor? Just wanted to make sure that I wasn't having problems with my pump, or if it was a cause and effect with the sensor use. Thanks for your input!

I think that's the case. I didn't have the time measured that precisely but it doesn't seem like the batteries last nearly as long w/ the sensors as they did just pumping.

I use the medtronic pump and sensor. I change my pump battery about every week sometimes every two weeks, it is normal. I have try every brand and energizer is the best. At least for me.

That has not been the case with me. I get about 3 weeks out of a battery with both CGM and pump. I use the Energizer alkaline batteries as MM suggested. It also depends on how much button pushing you do, how often you check your CGM etc. - I do it alot - and get about 3-4 weeks out of my battery.

I work retail and trust me some of the batteries have been in those boxes on the shelf for a year or greater. Look for dates on the box and check if there is a differance.

Yes at the start, I was going through batteries, most likely because I kept checking my number.

Also, lower the screen timeout.

Thanks guys for the comments and suggestions. It sounds like I need to change my settings a little and stop looking at the pump every minute!!! I am sure it will all work out, but it is nice to know I am not the only one that this happened to. Much appreciated.

Oh yeah. big time. I change then WAY more often with the CGM.

I love looking at my CGM constantly. :) Doesn't bother me to change the batteries.

I look at my MM pump a TON and use the CGMS 100% of the time. With a single AAA Energizer Lithium I get 5 weeks of use before the first segment of the battery display goes away. If I let it go I can get another 1-2 weeks from there but I normally change it as soon as I see the first segment go.

BTW, I an still using the first battery in my CGM charger and it has been about 10 months now!

My batteries go about one week before the need changed. I think the fresher the battery, and usually, but not always, the more expensive battery works better. I use the Duracell line most generally and that seems ot work pretty well.

rick phillips

I think you'll find this will settle down as you get used to the CGMS also. When I was new to CGMS I was looking at it everytime I turned around and ran through batteries quicker. Once I settled into the new routine the use was more back to normal.

I also found when I was on Minimed that Energizer batteries were a must.