Just go the Minimed Revel and a CGM!! yeah
Any hints and suggestions?

Thanks, I have noticed that. I am constantly checking my blood sugar to compare with the CGM. Its really making me keep track of my BS.

Are you in the US ? If so, are you aware of the new MM 530G pump with the new Enlite CGMS Sensors ? If you just got your Revel+CGMS, you are likely eligible for free upgrade. The Enlite sensors are supposed to be easier to insert, last 6 days instead of 3, and more accurate.

There a lot of "tricks" to the CGM and each of us do things differently. I have had my MM CGM for 4? years now and here are some of my tricks:
-I wear each sensor for 7 days-at three & six days I trick it by a link to New Sensor. It usually takes 5-10 minutes and asks for a reading. Can't go longer than 7 days unless I recharge the transmitter.
-The 7 day change allows ME to pick the day to switch out. With 3 days, the days of the week for change varied so much, that it became a nuisance, so I am much happier this way.
-I set my high BG alarm at 200 and my low at 60. This has really helped at night, as I only get an alarm (that wakes up everybody) when it really needs attention.
-I use the vibrate alarm, as it draws less attention from those around me. First time my pump alarmed in a meeting at the office, I made the change.
-I rarely input a meter reading if it is below 70 or above 170. I have input higher and lower readings on occasion and have seen no negative effects in readings.
-I keep my pump in my pocket, not on the clip. I won't buy clothes without pockets anymore, and have even altered the pockets in a dress to run the pump tubing through.

Good luck and keep asking questions here--the CGM took me a while to get used to and the MM one does have foibles, but I can't do without it now.