Pump broke last night... hello needles! how do they work again?

So yesterday evening my pump decided to yell at me during my workout. I had two choices, stop holding down a button on the pump itself or take the battery out. Since I wasn’t holding down a button, I went for the battery. No good… the buttons were stuck.

Plan of action you ask… first, called Cozmo and they are sending me a new pump and meter. Whew! second called a fellow diabetic for my educators cell#. third leave message with educator for assistance. and finally I remembered I have some left over long acting insulin (NPH baby!) at my mothers house. Whoohoo! So I got the insulin and pretended to remember how longacting worked.

Woke up this morning with high bgs and right now I am 81 (I took too much NPH this morning, hehehe). Its almost noon here in Houston which means I should have a brandnew spanking pump by noon tomorrow, but I think I have to wait for the long acting to run its course before strapping in again.

Thats a question for the educator…

Stay tuned for further developements! Dun dun duh!

I had mine (a Minimed) break last year. Here are some tips I got from the community.