Replacement pump....round 2

So yesterday was a fun day. Practically less than a month after receiving my replacement pump for my previous Minimed 522’s “button error”, my new pump (or should I say, my refurbished pump) hits me with an alarm. well…not exactly. First my 2 hour BG reminder alarm goes off…I went to clear it, the screen froze. A glimmer of - oh no not this again- flashed through my mind. Then it cleared a few seconds later, only to go off into yet another alarm:
“A52 pump reset, savings preserved, press esc, act to clear”

O_O what. the. ■■■■. NO. okay, so this time around I was a whole lot less panicky. I set down the pump, unhooked, called minimed’s help line, put the phone on speaker and waited for someone to get to me…only 35 or so minutes this time. (can they please get their damn wait time down?!) Whilst waiting, I reset the time and date on my pump- thankfully that was the only thing that got wiped- that and the current amount of active insulin I had on board. thankfully my BG around this time was around 111 (It is usually never that good, so I was surprised)…but just to be safe I didnt bolus or anything for a few hours after this whole ordeal, because I had no clue how much insulin I still had working in me from my earlier dual wave bolus that I took for dinner. So anyways, after speaking to the Minimed rep- turns out this is a rare error- she even had to look it up!- but because it only alarmed once and passed the self-test that the pump should be working fine.

Now…I am going back to college this weekend, and I have to fly to get there. I am nooooot getting on a 3+hour flight and going to school in the middle of nowhere, where the nearest hospital is 20 minutes away (and not a very good hospital at that), with a malfunctioning pump. I asked her for a replacement. After some hesitation and trying to convince me my pump was fine, on their end, she finally agreed and sent me a new pump.

Got my 2nd replacement pump today, all set up, hooked up and has been working fine today. so far. Im not counting my chickens yet…as 2 for 2 in failed pumps, Minimed has lost a lot of my faith. I really hope this badboy on my hip doesnt decide to spaz out and not work randomly one day. at least not a month after I get it!

ah, the life of a diabetic…never dull! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I went through 19 of them in 3 years… took a break from pumping, then when I tried to start up again, that pump died with a button error just about a month after my warranty expired… I haven’t been pumping since.

Another side of the PUMP coin : pumping with MM for over 8 years …never, never had a pump problem to have to replace it . I have updated regularly …presently the warrenty time is finito , however my 522 is working as it should . I did prepare for a loaner pump, because I will be in US waters , when cruisin to Alaska in September …ps I live in Canada .

oy 19 times? 19!!?? damn that is a lot, I can see why you aren’t pumping anymore! Seeing as both of yall have/had pumps without warranty…silyl question, but- how long does the warranty last for?!

You know, I never ever heard anything about pump failures from reps, people who pump, or doctors until I actually had one myself- its like a pump failure is Minimed’s dirty little secret that they like to keep hush hush. lol

Danny- When I had my first error/pump failure I had no backup plan at all. That was scary! I was in a panic on a sunday night (why do these things always happen on sunday night when no one is open/awake) and had to wake up my Endo for advice on what to do. My backup plan is lantus and apidra, I would ideally like to just stick to apidra every 2 or 4 hours and not go back on lantus cause I feel like that would screw everything up. I’m extremely hesitant to go back to injections because it has been so long and my body is terribly finicky when it comes to when the insulin gets to work for me. I always have to prebolus 30 minutes (even with the rapid onset of apidra -typically 10-15 minutes) and insulin lingers in my body sometimes up to 7 hours. sometimes its only 4. My doctors like to call me an anomaly. Soooo I’m hoping that this pump doesn’t decide to implode or anything any time soon.

How do you have an old version of a pump? Did you buy it out of pocket? I want to have a backup or a loaner pump but I dont know how to go about getting one…