Pump Decision?

I am considering using a pump. I have had diabetes for 35 years (started as a Gestational diabetic & it stuck). I now take 4-injections a day & my doctor has suggested switching to a pump. She suggests the Medtronic. I want to know what “real people” think about the choices out there. As I wear reading glasses, something easy to read would be good, but I hate the idea of being attached at all times to something cumbersome. In addition, though I use the computer, I am not tech savy & need something realtively easy to use. Suggestions?

I’m also researching pumps at this time. I went to an expo at my diabetes clinic and all the companies were there. They all pretty much do the same things, the major difference I saw was the screen. My eyes are pretty good, but I found Medtronic the hardest to see, followed by Cozmo. Animas was the best screen, bright and in colour.

They all pretty much have the same functions, just called by different names. Another think I like was that Cozmo and Animas had a luer lock system which meant I can use the infusion set from Cozmo if I wore an Animas pump. Which is good if you find that the infusion sets from your pump maker do not work for you.

I really like the Omni Pod only because it is tubeless. The only thing is that it is big and I have read people have a lot of problems with it. It is not available in Canada though, but the Medtronic girl said they are working on one along with the other companies.

Medtronic has the CGMS, but it is not accurate and it is another separate site and set. I was told by Animas that they are working on a CGMS that will be all in one with the infusion set.

I say call up the companies and get the reps to come to your house, play with the pumps and see what you like best and what works for you. Check out the Pumpers Forum, there a lot of discussions there comparing pumps and giving info on different pumps.

Thanks Preta! It’s nice to have someone not paid by the company to give advice.

I have the Accu-check Spirit, and I know we are in the minority, but I would highly recommend it! The most reassuring thing about it is you get a second pump. If, or should I say when, something goes kapooie, or you break it in some way, you just switch to the backup pump, call Disetronic, and they send you another pump next day air. Since I have been with them (17 Years) I’ve never had to go on shots. I wouldn’t even know what to do. Read this old post about pumps breaking down, and you might get an idea of some things I don’t have to worry about. Good luck with pumping, whatever you choose!

I use the Omnipod! I love it. It’s one of things you either love or hate. I haven’t had any real major issues with the POD itself and the customer service there is great. I blog about my experience with the pod check it out when you get the chance . We also have an Omnipod group here, you can ask as many questions that you need! Take care


oops, here is my blog address www.diabeticizme.wordpress.com

I use an Animas pump. My friend has the newer model. Her screen is much easier to read. Nice and bright. I think my cellphone is much more complicated than my pump. Customer service is very good. I did use a Minimed/Medtronic pump for years. I switched to Animas because I was frustrated with ordering supplies. I would call Medtronic and tell them what I wanted and they would send me what my insurance would pay for, even though it was more than I needed. I was then stuck with the co-pay on all of those supplies all at once. Had I been more determined, I would have refused to pay for the extras because one shouldn’t pay for what one did not order. I also had a time when I called to order supplies. I told them my employer would be discontinuing our health insurance in a week so I needed to get my order processed right away. Well, they waited too long and I was stuck with the whole bill. So, that’s why I switched. Haven’t had any problems with Animas.