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Had my pump for over 9 months. Not once did the professionals download information from my pump. I do bring in a "three day graph printout" of CGM. Just the trends. Does this seem a bit odd of not wanting more info? I am a difficult case. How are you treated?



Hi Sidney
What professionals you are talking about? It you refer to you primary care physician, they do not have software to download your pump. As for an endocrinologist this is a very valuable information. I download pump to get at leat 4 weeks’ data on every pump patient I have. In addition, I aske them to download it at home regularly and I can access the data via CareLink, so they do not have to wait for an appointment to make an adjustments if needed.

I checked out your page and want to give you a big welcome!
I’m sorry I was not clear. I attend the Joslin Diabetes Center in Peoria, Illinois. Been type1 for 20 years. Age 59. They fitted me with 722 pump with CGM. Pumping 9 months. My wife and I tweek the basal, bolus, and the dual wave and duration. I base my tweeking on the graphic printout of the CGM from my CareLink. We also think I have a mild case gastroparesis. I am very touchy and don’t take much to throw me off.
I did post last week about searching for another Dr. who would be more up to the challenge. I am very proactive and ask questions. My wife and I even thought of going to Chicago in search of a Dr.
At my next appointment, I will as about the CareLink you suggested. They didn’t seem too keen of my sending them a fax.
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My endo wants at least 4 weeks worth of numbers when I go in. Especially here lately, I’ve been running high for weeks now. Anytime that I have any change in my numbers, I send him my stuff. He’s very proactive with my care.

You do not have to send them a fax. The way CareLink works, you download your pump. You get user ID and password. Right? Then, you let your doctor know about it and give them your ID and Password. Your doctor should be able to look up your information at this point. I have professional software CareLinkPro installed in my computer at work and even at home. So, any time I can just look up all data. It comes in colors (red for “lows”, yellow for “highs”, so if you fax - you lose the colors. It includes daily BG readings day by day for as long as I want to see it, all sensor data, all boluses, daily summary of total daily insulin, % boluses, all carbs, total daily carbs, etc. I can do all kind of statitistics with it. I can not imagine Joslin diabetes center in Peoria does not have this capability.
If you have not done it before an appointment, they should be able to download your pump in the office.
I do not know if your insurance allows - you welcome to see me - you can find the information www.pgaclinic.com

i take in a two weeks of data. I use a CGM so those two weeks comprise about 100 pages. I that to little, to much, I don’t know. But, I do knwo my endo stopped all office downloads, he will review whatever i show up with, but he does not download any of anymore. Those 100 pages, the ink, paper and time are on my time. That is ok, it is my thing after all. i need to be responsible. .

Irresponsible most of the time


Two weeks of data on Professional Software (CareLink Pro for Minimed) fits into two pages. Your doctor does not have to waste ink and paper - just review everything on the computer screen and delete it or save as a PDF file.

Wonderful! Thank you all for the replies. I will certainly ask about downloading info from CareLink. After thinking about this, I cannot imagine Joslin Center would not want to use this tool. I will insist. Thanks again. You all have been a great help.