Diasend print out editting

My health care providers do not use diasend. So I download (or upload whatever it is) the info from my pump into Diasend. I then print it out and fax it. They like all the info, but it does have awfully small print and after faxing is even harder to read. Does anyone know of a way to save it into, say, and Excel spreadsheet so the font can be enlarged? Any other tricks? I like doing the Diasend reports and then fax because I don't always have to go into their office, but can have a telephone appt.

Thanks to all those tech-savvies out there.

I would print and mail a hard copy. Faxes muddy the detail too easily. Redoing the reports in an Excel spreadsheet would require lots of time and energy. Just my humble opinion.

Yeah, I think you're right. the Endo will just have to be happy with info that is a few days old. Big deal! Thanks


You can export to PDF and email too (if they have an email address). If they don’t accept email, another option would be to save to something like Dropbox and share the file with them.

Hope this helps.

PDF is your best bet as you can print what you see which could be an enlarged portion of your report. After your print those zoomed in pages you can still fax them.
Talk to somebody at the Dr. office as somebody will except an "outside" email which is the best way anyhow.

Your clinic should also be able to set up a clinic Diasend account and print the reports they want directly from there. That is how my endo’s office handles things.

I wish. They don't want to.

We give our Endo our login and password and she goes right into the report.

More on my reply. I don't know why they don't choose to have Diasend. They use Carelink for their Medtronic pumpers. Usually, they download - on some system - my pump. But by sending them in someway my logs, I don't have to go in every three months. I can have a telephone appt. Which I appreciate.

My endo hate the diasend reports because they are so small. He was much happier with the other program. But with windows 8 I can't use it any more. I'm so frustrated as I like the other program much better myself. It was called EZ Manager. Way better program.

I can't get the diasend program to read my glucose meter. Any suggestions?

What meter? Is it on the list of compatible meters on their support files on their website?

Depending on your computer operating system it’s possible that you might have to get a new cable from the meter manufacturer like many needed for Windows 8. Also make sure that the Diasend uploader on your computer is current and doesn’t need to update. I can’t remember when the last update was but usually the software needs to install new drivers afterwards.

I'm not super familiar with Windows 8 (was running it on an older laptop, which died about 3 months ago). BUT, have you tried running EZ Manager in "compatability mode" ? It *might* work if you try that.

go to http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/CustomerLogin.aspx , and log in (usename and password both guest), you will be directed to a support page, where you click on the PL2303 USB to Serial Drivers. Near the bottom of the page, you will see the link to download PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.9.0.zip, which says it is compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1 (not sure which prolific chip the cable uses). If you can install it, it also says updates are available via windows update. It worked for me on Windows 7 64bit Home premimum. It updates the driver and EZ Manager then works, but is not supported by Animas