Pump inserted today!

This was an Awesome day!

Basal insulin really helps you out! We had to clear all Lantus out of my system for Pump Start today, so we had to do corrections throughout the night. At 12, I was 189, we did a correction, then I was high again at 4am, we did a correction, then at 9 I was 237 or something, then I finally went down to 145. I went up to 275 at 3pm, but we started basal then, so it should be fine soon.

The pump is great! It was a really fun class, more hands on then other classes, and a lot more new information. My mom and I got a dud vial thing of insulin that you put in the pump, so our prime wasn’t working and they had to call in another person who couldn’t get it to work, but it did finally work. It was actually pretty funny.

I didn’t realize that the Minilink meter “talks” directly to the pump even without the CGM. That’s a really cool piece of equipment.

The insertion went really well, didn’t hurt at all, except my mom forgot to take the needle cap off the first time :), so that didn’t work out! But it never actually hurts. Even the 4 year old girl thought it didn’t hurt- she cried up until they inserted it, then she got this huge smile on her face. Then she came over and watched me, since she couldn’t see hers.

Does anyone else have a skin reaction to IV Prep wipe things? We aren’t supposed to use it next time, because it makes it super itchy and turns my lower stomach bright red. It’s done it both times, but we think it’s the IV Prep, not the insertion sets. And it goes away in about 10 minutes.

On the way out of the hospital we just had to stop and get a pack of cookies because we were super excited to bolus. It was 36 grams, and at first we were like, well it’s not 2.5 units, so we should just do 2… but then we were like, Hey! We can do 2.4 now! So we were standing there giggling and bubbling over like 5 year olds :). But it was really, really cool. With the pump, they also said we can do a correction if I’m 140 now, not 150. They were happy with my records which I wasn’t expecting- I’ve been sleeping in and forgetting to check in the morning. Now we have to do every 3 hours for 2 or 3 days.

All in all, I’m SUPER happy with the pump! If this pump is awesome, I wonder what Medtronic and other companies have in store for the future…?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: SO happy to read this! Yes, giving 2.4 units of insulin is a WONDERFUL thing!

You are so great and I am amazed at how well you are adjusting to everything. Give your Mom and big hug too because it sounds like she was GREAT as well!

I don’t use IV prep or anything. For me it just works to use the infusion set. But everyone is different. So try next time without the IV prep.

Keep enjoying your pump!

I don’t use IV preps at all. They do the same thing to my skin. I clean it before I insert, and I use Tegaderm tape under my sets because I am allergic to the tape.

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing! The University of Washington Medical Center has us do individual sessions with a Nurse. I get my MM722 hooked up with saline July 30th, then go live on August 5th! Maybe you could try alcohol wipes instead of IV prep?

Congrats!! you will be a bit high starting off with the pump, but as your body adapts to it and you adjust your basals correctly it will be even better :slight_smile:

I’m so happy for you, Sloane. You’re going to be a total pro with it by the time school starts! :slight_smile:

good for you=)
congrats,and good luck for me