Started on the pump today

This morning I switched from MDI to a MM722 pump. I had a 9 o’clock appointment at my Endo’s office with my PA and pump trainer. I did a lot of pre-pump start research and calculated my own basal rate. I calculate a lower rate. Basically, It’s 50% of the amount of the Lantus I was taking before. I have in the past few weeks tightened up on my carb counting and kept religious records. My bg was 159 at 9. When I got home I checked it because I hadn’t actually eaten breakfast except for a nutrigran bar before I went to the training. When I got home my bg was 113. I ate chow mein dish w/70 carbs for a late lunch and bolused for it. Two hours later bg was 65. I treated for the and I then began to eat dinner. I just checked it and it is 101. I will monitor it until I go to bed. I am supposed to check my bg at midnight, 3 am and 6 am and report the readings tomorrow. I bet my basals may be set to high. More to follow. If anyone has anything to share I would appreciate it. Thanks.

You may not know it, but your giving me some needed encouragement. I start using my pump (Ping) this coming monday. I’ve been counting carbs for years, but I will let my CDE set my basal rate. At this point in life I’m not going to get rid my of Chicken feathers (lol).

I’ll leave it up to the experts but I just wanted to know how things are figured like most things new to me. Good luck on your pump start Mark.

Just an update. I took another reading at 10. 91 and holding. So far so good. Now I got get up in the middle of the night to check.

Thanks for the encouragement and the welcome.

I have been Type 1 for 42 years and pumping for 7 of those years I am on my second pump the 722 as well.

I am not quite sure that I can offer much advise as each and everyone of us is so different.

I just had my latest A1C and it was 6.5, so my endo did not have much to say to me, but I am a bit odd as I use 11 different basal settings throughout the day. Recently I have changed my target number from 100 to 120 as I was having a lot of lows and that has helped a lot.

Another odd thing is that I have a 0.0 basal from 2-4 pm as I was having a lot of lows in the afternoon.

One more thing just when you think you have it all figured out you need to tweak again. :slight_smile:

With diabetes every day is different and it is not an exact science, but oooooo the freedom the pump offers and no shots is huge.

Hi Richard -

Like Mark, you’re giving me some encouragement! I have an appt tomorrow to talk to the Endo about getting a pump - I am in fairly good control - except for that darn Dawn Phenomenon. Waking up in a sweat every morning is enough to push me to the pump.

Good luck and keep us informed how you’re doing.

Remember that your body is dealing with absorbing insulin at a different rate now, too. Lows aren’t uncommon during the transition.

Update and thanks for all the encouragement. I got up at 12:00am and tested, bg 52. Treated and retested. 89 then 101. Went back, 3:00 am 89 and 6:00 82. Called my Endo this morning and she instructed me to add another basal - .50 from 9 to 5a. Change my sensitivity by +5 and carb ration by +1. Been checking and so far it’s ok but I have to return next Friday for a review.

way to go richard :]
i am waiting for my pump.i am not a pumper yet
but i know how it improves your numbers dramatically
so good luck
and keep us on how you doing :slight_smile:

Update: Yesterday after making the changes to my basals, carb ratios and sensitivity ratio I have yet so far to have had any bad lows or extreme highs. I went to bed last night with a bg of 125. I got up at 2:00 am last night and my bg reading was 136. At wake up with a 161 but an hour and half later with my main basal setting kicking in, a 136. The rest of the day went just fine. I had a high of 198 at 9:30 but that was after eating coffee cake and by lunchtime it was 128. I just made my first site change today. One thing however was I noticed a little blood on the adhesive so when I got home I removed it, cleaned the site and changed my site and reservoir to the opposite side of my belly. Ready to go for another 2 to 3 days.

You sound like a pro!!

Way to go Richard. It certainly does pay to do your homework in preparation of going on the pump. I am on the MM722+CGMS and have not had any problems at all. I did the same, I read, studied, read more, asked questions, read again and was more than ready to put my first infusion or sensor site in.
The CGMS allowed me to “see” that I had some DP issues. It saw from the graph when it started, how high it went, and I adjusted my basils accordingly. Have not had any DP problems since. I’m telling you, I love the CGMS. I had hypo unawarness problems and the trend feature and alarms have almost stopped that problem.
Keep doing what you’re doing Richard and your health and body will thank you.
Good luck

nice reporting :slight_smile:
hope it becomes better
and as they say,go with the flow,don’t get nervous when you get a low or two ::slight_smile:

You do sound like a pro now. Great work. The numbers will start to stabilize more. I was all over when I started the pump in June. Now I stay for the most part within 30 points while fasting and am normally below 140 two hours after if not three hours. You are going to find that you have a lot more freedom (if you haven’t figured that out yet).