Officially on the pump

So im on the pump now and when i went today i got there it was 129 not even halfway through it was down to 70 then 40 and she started giving me food and such glucose tabs 3 x2 then it still wouldnt go up above 50 then she gave me a huge chunk of bread and after an hour and a half i got it to 71 then about 1 hour later it was near 150-160 got home it was 180 and it was lunchtime and i wasnt happy i bolused and ate food and couple hours later it was over 200!!! then about 30 mins ago i got it under 200… what a stressful day!!

OH my. Bet you are glad to be home!
Last time I saw a CDE, she had the low and I had to wait for her to munch stuff down.
Ya never know!!!
Happy new Animas pump day!

Test alot. Keep good records. Look for patterns.

My daughter has only been on for a month, but we believe the pump is the best tool you’ll find to get your numbers under control.

The process of trying to learn how to set and test your basal rate seems to me to be the most important lesson of all. Ask your support people a thousand questions. For every adjustment they ask you to make… ask them to explain why they are making the change.

Or better yet learn to recognize your own patterns and make your own changes, then you will know exactly why each one works! I really think people who do their own adjusting do better and actually mean to start a thread on that one of these days. We deal with this condition 24/7 and who knows better than we do what works and what doesn’t. I’d go nuts if I had to call someone everytime I wanted to make a change! Though I can understand why parents would hesitate to do this. I can only imagine how it feels to be responsible for someone else.

Sorry about your rotten day, Andrew! The temptation to overtreat is a big one when you feel like you can’t get your blood sugar up. I guess I’m lucky, I respond very well to two glucose tabs, 3 at the most. I wish I could correct so easily when I’m high as I do when I’m low!

I could not agree more! We make our own. It’s our first pump (for my daughter), and have only been on for a few weeks. Diagnosed 1/29/11. I didn’t think the Animus “BG Management Team” offered anything of value.

==> Mike.

its almost like a threat because if i dont do the management program they are gonna report it to my endo and educator and they might be likely to take me off the pump i think i would be fine without them but it seems like i must finish it…

We just reported our numbers to our endo, and asked the nurse for her “suggestions”. She said that we could end the Animus BG management anytime. The advantage to sticking with Animus is that they would be more readily accessable. But, how much benefit is there to accessible, but ineffective?

The animus lady didn’t really want us changing basal rates. So… I complied. We didn’t change the rates. We just did temp basals that lated the entire basal phase, and apologized for not reporting numbers more often. :slight_smile:

==> Mike

if i have a educator and endo usually accessable then why do i need a anima nurse for the samething? yea she told me if i need to change my basal just use temp ones

Andrew, you have already been on a pump havent you?
You can do your own stuff I think.
Just like some of us said though, watch your basals because MM delivers different from Animas.
The best relationship I had with an Animas trainer was when I did switch from a MM, and she really really worked with me well. Best A1c I ever had. Doctor signed a note to get me a brand new pump because she proved I did better on it.
Now, last new model they offered no training (unless they changed that).
Rep told me go do it myself.

both educator and animas person said its better for me so i dunno just seems like alot of work and i have to stay up late to get 12 am and 3 am readings =\

Oh well, endure it huh??? :slight_smile:

You are not required to finish anything, Andrew. I accepted the two 2-hour training sessions and then declined the continuing 2 week phone follow-up when I realized it would just be me reporting numbers daily. They said I could call if I had a problem and we left it at that. I think they are highly unlikely to take you of the pump. They already got paid for it!

LOL. Well done, Mike!