Pump Insurance Approval


It would be nice if they still have product, for them to continue to sell, or offload to supplier that would.


I don’t want a Medtronics either (waiting for X2 Slim to be approved by my province here in Canada).

However if Medtronic tells us in September they will no longer provide Animas pump supplies, will you ditch your Animas and go back to MDI, or take a Medtronic?


Check out your doctor’s office. Many people are getting the Medtronic 670G or 630G free from Medtronic to replace their Pings and Vibes. The Medtronic pumps will have a warranty which expires when the Animas warranty expires.

My doctor’s diabetes educator was loaded with Animas supplies which she willing to provide to me for free. I don’t know if these were samples or items given to her by people who upgraded to the Medtronic pumps.


What is the policy under Medicare? My t:flex warranty expires in October this year, after 4 years of use. Will M’care replace it then, or do they require you to wait until it crumbles into dust?


I think I heard 5 years but I have no direct knowledge related to Medicare


I think the 5 years applies when Medicare covers pump from start. First year is considered rental, then 4 years of warranty.

So if you start Medicare, and have existing pump under warranty, rules may vary based on the plan you choose. But original warranty period is probably still in effect.