Pump or MDI?

I'm currently an MDI person getting ready to start with the Dexcom. Just curious how many people on CGM are still on MDI or have converted to the pump. Looking to add one new technology at a time and decided to start with a CGM.

Looking to hear from people that have done both and the pros/cons of each.



As far as I know, most people do it the other way, me included.
When I started on the pump I found it a vast improvement over MDI and I thought it was life changing (for the better). However, when I started on CGM, I felt pretty much the way (A big change for the better) but not quite so intensely better compared to the pump.

Almost everyone can do well with the pump (it does require work, though). For CGM it's much more YMMV, and some people are very disappointed with it.
Keep us posted on how it goes.


I have been with the Dexcom for about a year now, and still go with MDIs. I will not consider switching to pump unless my basal requirements can no longer be effectively delivered with two Levimir injections daily. The CGM is amazing, and will help you learn to find your exact I/C ratio, how different foods break down in your blood, etc.

Biggest reason I stick with MDIs is I've managed to come down to a 5.6% A1C, rarely go above 180BG, and most importantly, I'm in a wetsuit a lot when I surf, so if I'm going to take the pump off all the time, what's the point.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the alternative view. My endo seems to be pushing me (gently) to pump and I just don't think I'm ready for it yet. I love the Dexcom and the wealth of information it gives me. I've only been on it for two weeks, so I'm still evaluating different meals and foods. I'm sure it will take a while to get it totally under control and to be honest, I'd rather give myself 10 shots a day than be hooked up to a pump 24/7.

That said, once they integrate the Dexcom and the Omnipod I may have to re-evaluate. :-)


Sure Alan,

Remember, we all have different body chemistry, and deal with our disease in a unique way. If you are able to manage your BG levels with carb counting and MDIs, I personally see no reason to go pump. All the pump manufacturers have preliminary agreements with Dexcom right now, but it will be quite some time until this is available (I actually have my money on the Animas Ping getting the FDA blessing first).

That being said, even with integrating the two technologies, rember this is not a closed-loop logic system. In other words, the pump CGM integration is just a alternative delivery system for your insulin and in no way an "artificial pancreas." Still have to count carbs and "input" your bolus. I prefer inputing my bolus requirements by pricking myself with a needle instead of inputing a number on a computer. At least with my MDIs, the prick is ten seconds insted of being hooked up 24/7.

Cheers, and would love to hear how management develops,