Switching From Animas Ping to Medtronic

So today I spoke to my doctor about switching from my Animas Ping to the Medtronic. My reason for doing so would be so I could have the built in CGM. There are times when I'm low or highand don't even know or feel it. I orginally went with Animas because of the food database, but i dont need it because I can count carbs. Also I got the Animas for the waterproof function, but I barely get in any. I water and take my pump off for showers anyway. I know CGM, does not replace glucose testing, but it does help reveal the bigger picture in trends. What do you guys think?

Hi Leotha! Have you tried the MM CGMS yet? If I can suggest, I would trial the MM CGMS before completely committing to switching pumps, just for that reason(unless you want to switch in general). I love my Minimed pump, and I don't regret its purchase...However, I personally don't use their CGMS. I use a Dexcom(seperate unit). I have been 'Dexing' for 2 1/2 years, and have been very pleased with the Dexcom. Like all things, some people hate the Dex, some love it...but it seems more people have poor experiences with the MM CGMS.

Integration does sound nice, and there are times I wish mine was integrated. However, there are times where it is nice my Dex is seperate. It goes both ways.

Anyway, Medtronic makes a great pump, but their CGMS can still be very hit and miss with the consumers it seems. If integration is not that big of a deal, you may want to look into a Dexcom!

Yes, the CGM is good for trending. I didn’t get terribly accurate results from either the Medtronic or Dexcom CGMs, not enough to warrant the cost. The Medtronic CGM is a little trickier to insert (IMO) but the integration is worth it. In the end, I just opted for more finger pricks each day, rather than deal with the CGM (I was worried about scar tissue, cost, etc). But I would use the Minimed CGM again. Their pump is excellent.