Pump or no Pump, Type 1 or 2 How Many times a day do you test?

I always get this question, how many times do you test?

I sometimes say 6 and other times 3 it realy depends.

Is it always the same for you?

Ho many times do you test a day?

I always seem to test more during the week than on weekends. I think it’s b/c during the week my day is more structured so its easier. On a normal day during the week I like to get about 8. On the weekends it tends to be a lot less. Maybe 3 or 4 times. But then there are days when I’m high or low and I test constantly until things are back to normal. I can get up to 15 or 20 a day if my level won’t come down quick enough from a high.

at least 12 times a day. Now that I have some faith in my CGMS, I will probably not do the 2 hour after meal check and give myself a break for awhile :slight_smile: so that will drop me by 3 to 4 tests a day. I have zero hypo awareness so the testing is a necessary evil for me if I want to be safe and stay in target.

I test 8-10 times a day, before and after every meal, before and after exercise and before bed. Some days i forget to test after eating, and more often then not the after exercise test is the same as the going to bed test. I also hit quite a few lows though, so that always adds to my totals.

No pump, but I am hoping to get one soon.
I am on Humalog 3 shots a day, and Lantus at night.
I test anywhere from 2 to maybe 6.
Every now and then never…

I just guess how I am feeling and take a shot.
Which is horrible.
Unhealthy, unsafe…
Probably why my sugars have been so HIGH lately…
It scares me.

That is why I joined here.
Hoping some people can help me out!
I have had diabetes almost 8 years.

15 to 20 times during the week, just to make sure I don’t drop down working outside

Wow! 15 to 20 that’s alot! What do you use? i have learned that the Multi Clix realy is easier on the fingers. Keep upt the good work, you are doing a great job.

Well, I was doing it alot more than I am now, until I got the Dexcom 7+ which has been a savior. I only test when I eat otherwise the dexcom is pretty accurate.

It really is incredible the way exercise affects your sugars. When I excercise sometimes I don’t even have to bolus if I eat right after it seems like 30 to an hour after my sugars are being taken care of. Do you hit the lows while you are sleeping?

I started with the shots and I wasnt very regimented either. I have learned using the pump what my insulin is doing and how it affects me. I actually was on novolog 3 times a day and lantus at night. I guess Lantus works as your basal and Humalog works as your bolus. Now if I am going to eat and I dont have my pump I can just calculate and give myself a bolus with the novolog. Are you just getting to learn all about the humalog and lantus and how it works, it took me a while to really understand it and i couldn’t follow it very well. the lantus didn’t help to keep me low.

That’s alot, is it very difficult to get a CGM?I have insurance and I have been lucky, thank God. But are there any companies or agencies that help get you one? I use to do the same amount, it may change if you have a CGM but honestly there is no more accurate way then actually doing the fingerstick. Working outside is tough I use to landscape in Florida and i never monitored my sugars but I would always come inside very low, good job in watching for your lows.

Test between 6-12 times a day, depending on what’s going on. Some days I graze more on food, some less - this partly determines how much I test. Am also somewhat hypo-unaware, so need to check on that too.

10 - 12 times

please don’t allow yourself to get in the habit of not testing enough (last year I got very busy and stressed and tested maybe twice a day, and my A1c was in the 8s.) Then in December, it was a very stressful month getting back to testing more frequently and taking better care of myself. When you do it all the time, it doesn’t seem to hurt as much and testing helps your control so much!

But just to encourage you, I’ve had Type 1 for 31 years and no complications. (and I wasn’t in perfect control all of those years, that’s for sure!)

I remember talking to the people for my the Continuos Glucoase Monitor and I told them I was testing at least 9 times a day and they were like you are testing too much and now I realize that is not alot. You have to test as much as necessary if you need to know your blood sugars. Everyone here does such a great job at testing themselves.

Type 1.5, Animas pump, 10-12 tests/day.

during the week at least 8 times and maybe 4 on the weekends