Pump remote

Hey Everyone :smiley:
I have a quick question for pump users. well Minimed 722 in particular.
I have a ball coming up soon and my pump teacher said there was a remote that i could buy. but its $150. she said i could also borrow one from the office for the night. but i was wondering. is there any other way? Im hopefully getting a strapless dress so i don’t want it in my bra. && i know this is being picky but im afraid to have it wrapped around my leg. i mean im going to be dancing alot and everyone knows how this goes. you get sweaty and you move around alot. so yea lol
Any Ideas?
Thanks Much!! :smiley: ill post some pictures of the kind of dresses i was looking at. the only difference will be the color.
here are some samples:

As i said before im not sure what color or style im getting but this is what i kinda want :D

no, like any other way to hide it. I’ve heard of making a pocket in the dress but i dont know how that would look with a tight fitting dress. =/
I’ll probably end up wrapping it on my leg or something. but ugh. thats gonna be difficult lol im such a teen.

I’m not sure if this is something that you are comfortable with, but I have the Ping, which has the remote/meter all in one thing, but I clip mine, when wearing a dress, to my underwear at the hip. It works best with the boyshort style underwear. I’m not going to lie and say that it’s comfortable but I’ve done it when wearing a dress and it works okay. They do make belt things to use under a dress but I figured I’d try my way first and it works, it just won’t work well with the first dress… Hope this helps!


to Maddy:

I see you like the strapless look. I have not tried a strapless gown with a pump. But I wore one similar to the final pink number, with little spaghetti straps. I tucked the pump in a baby sock and pinned it inside of the padded cup bra area., near the side of the cup. When I had to dose for thee evening meal, I discreetly went to the ladies room and bolussed, but I have been known to flip it out of my bra in less formal settings. : I have no shame!!!(LOL) It depends on what you are comfortable with…Wear a little short jacket or shawl with the strapless numbers for more discretion. I have large thighs and I cannot imagine wearing those torniquet -like pump holsters on my upper legs. Hope this info helps.

Now Danny, Dave gets his “dress pump” info from his wife, , a fellow pumper , I am sure. He is just being helpful! wink-wink!!

God Bless,

Some of you may scream at me for suggesting this, but when I’ve worn a tight fitting dress, as I am abit of a fashionista (I live in Montreal) - I disconnect from my pump for time I’m wearing the outfit, and just do more frequent BG tests and inject when needed with a pen needle. Remember, I’ve been a diabetic 42 years long, granted, I only started wearing these types of clothing when I got to my 20’s - but have a few years of experience behind me.
The other thing I’ve read of, is disconnecting from the pump BUT reconnecting up to the infusion set when/if you need to do a correction bolus.
I guess it’s whatever you are comfortable with - that’s the main thing. I know I have tried wearing my pump on a thigh thingie, but like you Maddy, it just slides down my leg, no matter how I position/tighten, and it’s annoying feeling it slide down. It also depends on the the skirt area around the thigh where the pump is worn, if it’s tight, there’s a bulge there (now men - stop chuckling - this is serious stuff for us ladies ).
Psst - I like the blue/purple dress - very nice (if you buy it - can I borrow it from you?)

why not talk to your educators and find out how to not wear your pump for that particular night? they could tell you how much insulin to take, when to take it, etc
i found for my ball i just wore body sculpting/shapewear (you know the stuff that makes you look skinnier?) and it was like a highwaist skirt that i slipped on underneath my tight dress and clipped my pump (upside down) onto the bottom of it, and because it had a thick hemline it didnt fall off, it worked a treat :smiley:
P.S i love the first dress the most!

Ok. I actually have worn quite a few revealing dresses when I was on the pump and here’s what I did:

I had the MM 722 (which is a bit clunky)

If strapless, but not backless, I wore a strapless bra with a plunging neckline. The lower the neckline on the bra, the better. Pushing those “girls” up would cause a gap where the pump would fit nice nestled in there. Then, the material on the dress would actually create a little pocket where the pump would not show through the fabric. So, meter in clip, meter face against cleavage, clip toward front of dress. If that makes sense. Face of meter against skin- so, basically clip it in the middle of the bra and have it facing backward.

If backless, and flimsy material, strap to thigh. You can either wear clipped inside thigh highs, I would put it toward the inner thigh area (where your legs naturally gap). Or, if you’re unsure about that, try wrapping a sock and/or strap around your thigh and clipping it to that. I wore a wicked flimsy dress to the casino once, it was backless and had a plunging neckline with no sleeves. I had no issues with my pump slipping and it didn’t show through the fabric either.

if backless, but has a bigger lower dress body, then you can clip to a pair of underwear and wear at the hip. I used to actually wear mine with a thong that had a large waistline. I used to call it my “sturdy underwear” because the band was thick, but it wasn’t too thick where the pump clip couldn’t go completely around the band. Also wear with the face of the pump against your skin, the clip toward the outside. This will keep the pump secure and will also reduce the amount of visibility on the outside of the dress.

At the VERY WORST, you can always go back to MDI for the night.

oh yeah, and i have the remote. I used it ALL THE TIME. Was the best thing I ever invested in pump-wise.

I LOVED that one :DD lol and yea i guess if i do buy it you can sooo borrow it XD
idk if i will though. the delema of the pump is getting at me lol i don’t think my madre would want me not using it that night. i go high when i do any type of exercise. xP
but yea lol

Maybe i will try that :smiley:
i love the first dress too :smiley:

Thank you soo much :DD
i never thought of the first one. i think i will try that one. I like that the best. and thats the kinda dress im looking at right now. THANKS AGAIN! :smiley: